Friday, December 4, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Product Placement Edition!

Changing things up for this weeks pajama jammy jam, I thought it would be nice to bring in one of the hottest DJ's working the tables in the underground hip-hop dance scene. Straight from San Fransisco, I now present you with D.J. Tanner! You know the House is always gonna be Full when D.J. Tanner is up in this piece - so lets get ready to enjoy this Hip-hop Happy Meal with Mac and Me!

Man...who the hell invited Kimmy Gibbler? She is totally going to ruin my party!

This 1988 E.T. ripoff is such a fantastic mess and this scene is so moronic, that I just had to include it in a dance party someday. With a large dose of heavy stuff like Coca-Cola, Skittles, and McDonald's, there are more addictive substances in Mac and Me than there are in this entire club! You can see the addiction in the dancers eyes too - the thumb moves, the footloose football players, and that jerk off kid in a wheelchair who can't even at least try to join in by doing some spin moves on one wheel cause he's too doped up on sugar and meal worms! Then there's the Mysterious Alien Creature, otherwise known as MAC, dancing all up on the counter, which is so unsanitary. What kind of germs did that alien asshole bring from planet Mickey D's I wonder?

The one thing I can't help but think is this would totally happen at the exact moment I went into Mac Donald's to get something to eat. I mean business when it comes to eating and all I want to do is get my food, eat it, and get out, but if a dance scene broke out, I can only imagine that there would be no time to make my food, let alone blend me a shake. "Umm…excuse me?! Could you maybe stop dancing and get me my fucking plain double cheeseburger? Maybe?"


  1. Best. Post. Ever.

    Donna Jo Tanner, unsanitary counters, what's not to love!?

  2. I have been sitting on this clip for so long and I am so happy to finally do it! So bad that it truly is good! And who better to spin than D.J.?

  3. Back in 1988 I had just started doing movie reviews for a local radio station (kept doing it for 16 years), and this was one of the first films I had to cover. I remember calling it proof of the existence of true Evil in the world.

    Today I just put it on my Amazon wish list. Ain't nostalgia somethin'?

    I must say I miss the old McDonald's that had the spacious dance floors and parking lots for impromptu production numbers. Sure, now you get the playgrounds and double drive-thru lanes, but something has been lost. The kids from "Fame" have been looking for a cheap place to eat ever since...

  4. You know, I've long heard that Mac & Me was one of the worst films ever made.

    Clearly, that's the biggest lie since Santa Clause.

    AMAZING!!! Love the kids sitting down with the thumb dance--mostly because that's my go-to move on the dance floor--and the complete lack of rhythm of poor MAC. Maybe it's just the thickness of the teddy bear suit. And where does one find a child-sized teddy bear suit with alien-sized eye holes?

  5. Creeepppyyyy....! This is the THIRD time this week that "Mac and Me" has been mentioned by a blogger that I follow. I wonder if this means that I need to hunt down a copy? Or maybe I should just get a 10-piece chicken nugget pack (SRSLY--when did those things start coming in TENS? It was all about the six-pack when I was a kid).

    [Sorry if you see this twice--I might've gone click-happy!]

  6. Senski: Ha ha...those Fame kids are trying to get dance floors put into Subways so they can enjoy the health benefits and money savings of $5 foot longs!

    I was pretty young when the movie came out and while I loved it as a kid, I still knew something about all the product placement was insanely fishy!

    I guess there is the scene where Mac drinks a Coke and you can see someone in the background holding up a couple of hundred dollar bills as a joke! That about says it all...thanks for the comment!

    Emily: Mac and Me has Emily written all over it!

    When I watched this clip before throwing this awesome dance party, I thought Mac's moves were pretty whack too! You would think an alien dude dance scene would be prime opportunity to have him doing dope break dance moves and headspins and shit! What a waste.

    Kate: You could say that the product placement of McDonald's in Mac and Me is what got America's youth hooked on things like McNuggets. Now they are all grown up and overweight, therefor the 6 piece is just not enough to fulfill the needs of adult Mickey D addicts!

    I can only highly suggest seeing this film for the pure fact that it is awful and it tries so hard to pull on the heart strings and just fails so miserably! They even put the main kid in a wheelchair, for crying out loud!

    POT: Oh shit, I knew that was you under that teddy bear costume! You got the moves, son!

  7. I think this movie would've been a hundred times better if it had been about 'Mac Tonight,' the moon-faced piano singer that was McDonald's short-lived mascot meant to promote their new late night hours. Now that's a guy I wanted to see more of!

  8. Matt, thank you my brother, for pointing this scene out to me. It might just be the most inane piece of film footage I've ever seen. A total McDonald's commercial (Hi Ronald!)...I wonder if the Golden Arches ever used any of this in their TV ads. And kudos to that little girl doing her best Footloose dance.

    Oh god, I love this scene so much, I want to watch it 24/7

  9. Mac Tonight! I totally had a toy of him on a motorcycle.

  10. Jeff: I remember Mac Tonight! We had a friend growing up that we called Mac Tonight, 'cause he had a big chin. We were such nice kids!

    I agree it would be better if it had Mac T. in it, but it would be even better than better if it was staring Mac T. and it was a rape/revenge film set in the woods!

    Pax: I'm so pumped that you enjoyed it so much! It totally is a huge McDonald's ad and I'm sure every kid that saw it, including myself was waiting for a dance scene to break out when they were at the church of health! Never happened though, which is too bad.

    Emily: Why does a moon dude need a motorcycle I wonder? Probably for the space cred, I bet.

  11. *laughing hysterically* Okay, if you were 5 when this came out, it was either an incredibly awesome or disturbing movie... maybe both. Something about that freaky looking alien and the creeptastic whistling that gave me Tales From The Darkside theme song PTSD, it was like not being able to pull myself away from the horror of a bad train wreck. This, from the woman who couldn't stomach E.T. because he was a freaky looking alien... and he did that neck thing *shudders* No, I don't do aliens. Especially if they're dancin' in McDonalds.

  12. Sorry for the late response, but my comments have been going to my junk email unbeknownst to me.

    I cried at E.T. cause I was scared! The aliens in Mac and Me are hideous and very frightening looking, especially the parents who were all mad meth skinny with big fat pot bellies! Then to top it off, the non-expression on their faces was so freaky looking too!


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