Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chuck Norris on the LAMB Leaderboard!

About a month ago, this magical little blog that you are reading right this very moment became old enough (three months to be exact) for LAMB consideration. For those who do not know, The LAMB stands for The Large Association of Movie Blogs and is the premier movie blog directory (well, now it is!), a one-stop shop for readers and blogger's alike. So CNAMB became a member of The LAMB and after the first month of membership, CNAMB made it on The LAMB leaderboard! The leaderboard works from click-through's from this site to The LAMB's site and apparently my 9 readers have clicked enough to get me on the leaderboard! This made me extremely happy and I don't know if it means anything outside of making me feel warm and fuzzy, but it does and that is all that matters.

So thanks to the LAMB for letting an asshole like me be down with their cause and thanks to all of you who read and comment and follow and get some sort of enjoyment out of reading posts where all I talk about is boobs. I truly appreciate it and the comments have been nothing short of spectacular and they are a big reason for my enjoyment in doing this blog. The interaction with, meeting, and befriending some quality horror fans, many with crazy dope blogs themselves, makes all of this worth it. Now go and click on that LAMB thing up on the left side of the page and while you're at it, why not click on that HS Top 100 thingy too. You should have known there'd be a catch when I was being so sweet!


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