Friday, December 18, 2009

RIP Dan O'Bannon

At a measly 63, genre icon Dan O'Bannon has sadly passed away from what I gather would have been sometime earlier tonight. One of the best writers of Science Fiction and Horror, Dan O'Bannon will be greatly missed.


The Resurrected

Total Recall

Return of the Living Dead



  1. I knew Dan O'Bannon had struggled with health issues for pretty much his whole life but I still feel blindsided by this news. It's very sad to know he's gone.

  2. It's a wicked surprise considering his age. I guess he has been very ill and in the hospital lately, but I had no clue. I hope he gets some recognition by mainstream media...he was super influential and it would be a shame if he was ignored so people could yap about Tiger Woods fucking a bunch of chicks.

  3. One movie that he wrote that I really love and is severely underrated is Dead & Buried.

    This is very sad.
    He'll be missed greatly by me.

  4. Agreed Chris, Dead & Buried is terribly underrated.


  5. Dead and Buried is one of the only movies he wrote that I haven't seen, but it's floating around the queue somewhere. I'm gonna have to move it up so I can check it out sooner.


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