Friday, August 14, 2009

You like me, you really like me!

Very recently, I was awarded with numerous accolades and honors for a blog well done as noted in a previous post. Once again, I have been shown love for my efforts in the blogging world from a few of my contemporaries, namely, Aaron from No Comment. and B-Sol of The Vault of Horror, who both have been kind enough to award me with this....

There is one stipulation though, I have to follow suit, and list ten things that you all do not know about me, none of which, will be the admittance of anything involving nudity. Maybe.

I also have to shout out ten blogs, and since I recently did something very similar to this in my other post, I will do so for some of the newer (to me) blogs that I have recently found myself enjoying till the night closes in. Of course, I will send this honor back to B-Sol, and Aaron for the amazing blogs that they provide me with day in and day out, but I will throw in one of the greatest of achievements that is known to man (or woman, of course). This is an achievement that will take someone many years to attain (unless you roll with Miyagi, then it's months), and is an honor that one can normally only capture, with the help of skilled beard growth. Of course, I am speaking of the honorary "Chuck Norris Black Belt of Blogging." Most of you may not be able to handle that shit, but "buckle up," cause you are now a master of the blogosphere, and Karate! This award goes out to all that are listed below, along with the Honest Scrap award...Congrats to you all! And I love you, for your personality. Kinda.

The Lightning Bug's Lair

Monster Land

Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

Freddy in Space


Random Hummings...

Cool Ass Cinema

I Like Horror Movies

Tower Farm Reviews

Destructible Man

Check out these great blogs, or they will kick your ass with their new found Karate skillz!

And now, her is ten things you don't know about me...

1. I have a strange love for the hip-hop dance film, Honey

2. I think Sean Penn is a fucking douche bag

3. I was once a very skilled artist in all forms

4. Christmas Crunch is one of my favorite cereals

5. I think cabin Fever is grossly under-appreciated

6. I saw Conan the Barbarian in the theaters with my Ma Dukes!

7. I am a restaurant manager

8. I can cook pretty damned well

9. I love baseball and football

10. I love you!


  1. #10 doesn't count!!! I KNEW that!
    That belt is mighty impressive!!

  2. Very true on both counts, Christine!!!

  3. I knew at least two of those things, possibly three if you consider Penn's douche-baggery to be common knowledge.

  4. Mob: Heh...I was gonna just post a list of cheeses that I enjoy. Not something that is common knowledge for the average person! If Sean Penn ever reads this, number ten will no longer be in use.

    And you are welcome for the award, Johnny. It is much deserved! I do however, expect to see you in your Karate gee next time you comment though. Thank you.

  5. I was expecting some very sordid secrets from the twisted mind of the Suzaka vault. Give us the goods Matt.
    ...although the Honey confession did make me tilt my head and say "hm."

  6. Thanks for the award Matt. Much appreciated. Number 10 doesn't apply to Sean Penn, huh? I knew you were a good egg.

    Also i am making this comment wearing only a pair of Tabi boots. I know thats more ninjs, but it's what I had handy.

  7. I just got one of these awards, too! I hope you don't mind if I cut and paste your personal facts as my own - we're so much alike it only makes sense!

  8. Sorry, Emily...I'll save the juicy stuff for when I go on an insane rampage across Hollywood, being wasted, and being all out of control. Then I'll apologize, confess my dark sins that caused the rampage, and enter rehab!

    And I do love Honey! The inspirational B-ball dance scene montage is one of the greatest things ever put to film!

    Bugg, you are very welcome! Also, I'm cool with you wearing Tabi boots if you do not have a gee handy, just don't take them off in the house if you aren't wearing socks! Nothing says stealth like a pair of Tabi boots minus clothing!

    Jeff, I would highly encourage you to use my facts...but you have to include one stating that you deep down love Cloverfield!

  9. Whoa, I'd rather say that deep down I love Howling III: The Marsupials!

  10. Well, that doesn't surprise me, Howling III is the best! But not as good as My Mom is A Werewolf...

  11. Great list of blogs and I truly appreciate the honor Matt, thanks for the props! You can eat my babies any day =D

  12. Hi-YAAAAAAA!!!
    Two for the price of one! Most grateful, Mr. Eddie's Father... Nice to find out about this on a blog that we read and admire as frequently as this one! Most grateful. Most grateful.

  13. Whoa! Your Karate is spot on! Your comment is more than thanks enough, so thank YOU!


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