Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lake Mungo

After Dark Films has just announced the third film in their already very strong looking 2010 After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For lineup (Jan 29th - Feb 5th). Clive Barkers Dread, and a movie that I recently posted about, The Graves will be joined by the Australian thriller/ghost story, Lake Mungo. Lake Mungo is written and helmed by first time director, Joel Anderson and stars Talia Zucker, Rosie Traynor, David Pledger and Martin Sharpe. The story follows a family dealing with the drowning death of their sixteen-year-old daughter, Alice Palmer. After her body is buried, the family experiences a series of strange and eerie events that give them no choice but to seek the help of a psychic/parapsychologist named, Ray Kemeny. His investigation leads to Lake Mungo where a secret past and double life once lived by Alice comes to fruition.

Sounds interesting - right? You may be even more interested after watching the trailer for the film. And that trailer is provided for your viewing pleasure right here - ya know, just in case you didn't already notice it sitting there, all lonely, waiting for you to accept it with your mouse. Click that shit, son! creepy!! I love that entire goose bump promoting paranormal stuff, and I almost thought that Lake Mungo was a documentary at first, because it looks so convincing as one. It is of course, a mockumentary style film that looks like it will be very effective in the scare department, and some of those background apparition shots are just downright frightening. I was already excited for both Dread and The Graves, but this is a nice surprise to have a very scary looking movie like Lake Mungo added to a lineup that is certainly shaping up very nicely.

Apparently, Paramount is developing a remake of Lake Mungo with writer David Leslie Johnson, whose previous effort, Orphan was released to solid reviews and was a movie that I personally quite enjoyed. This being put out by After Dark Films though is a very good thing, because this film very much reminds me of another low-budget ghost mockumentary film, Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity had gotten rave reviews, and the trailer was scary as shit, but when the remake (also Paramount) started to make way, the original film had, like a ghost, been left in limbo with no release after what is a few years now (though there have been rumblings of a small theatrical release forthcoming). Wicked annoying if you ask me. So thankfully this will not be the case with Lake Mungo, as we now know that it will be in theaters, and eventually on DVD, without having to wait two or three years for a remake to come out and suck balls.

Here is a link to the films official site for more info!


  1. Wow, first The Graves and now this? I'm extremely stoked for After Dark IV now. I love a good ghost story but unfortunately a lot of the ones I've seen made in the last decade or so haven't really been able to get it right, with a couple of notable exceptions of course. I have moderate hopes for this one, but then again seeing as its an After Dark Horrorfest movie, one can't help but be a little skeptical. They don't exactly have the best track record for the most part, but they HAVE had a few gems here and there.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. No problem Aaron, thanks for dropping by! The films from After Dark are a mixed bag, but there have been a few real good ones in the mix every year. This upcoming one looks like it will be the best one so far with three films that I want to check out, and hopefully they can add a few more to this already good looking line up. Even if the movies aren't all that great, I still like the idea of someone putting unknown/independent horror movies in theaters for people to check out, but it's always better when the films are good too!

    I too am a big Ghost story fan, but I agree, a lot of those films aren't done right, hope that Lake Mungo does so. Have you seen the trailer for Paranormal Activity? Looks so good!

  3. Go Aussies! This film looks creepy, I like the mocumentary approach and I love a good ghost tale! Looking forward to this and am rapt it has made it into Afterdark 2010!

  4. I'll take it you're an Aussie Ms Harker?!

    I love ghost stories too, especially mockumentary ones. reminds me of the Curse of the Blair Witch, the TV special that coincided with The Blair Witch Project - I loved that special, and find stuff like that to be very scary!

    Thanks for swinging by!

  5. I have seen the trailers for Paranormal Activity (I think it was just called "Paranormal" when I first heard about it or maybe I'm just retarded) and I'm most definitely anticipating that one.


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