Monday, August 24, 2009

Totally Tubular Trailers!

Once again, I am back with the tubular trailer attack! Got a nice mixture of films to look forward to with these very cool trailers that I have found to be interesting enough to share with all of you sassy little sex pots.

First up, is the trailer for Accident, a Hong Kong film directed by Soi Cheang and produced by one of the best filmmakers of our generation, Johnnie To. Accident is the story of a "The Brain," a professional hit man who uses well planned - on purpose, but seemingly accidental methods to relieve his victims of their lives. With the memory of his wife's "accidental" passing, The Brain becomes convinced that his wife was intentionally murdered in the same manner that he himself uses to dispose of his own victims. The Brain's suspicion quickly turns to paranoia as he begins to think that he too is a target after he is attacked by a so called insurance agent, Fong who just so happens to have been at the scene of the Brains wife's accidental death. Great premise and the idea of intricate and well thought out accidents used to take hits out on people should lead to some very interesting deaths. I will say this: Maybe you should know better than to park next to a fire hydrant...if you didn't, then you do now. Accident is slated to make its Hong Kong debut on September 17th.

Next up, is the trailer for Kamui Gaiden.

Directed by Yoichi Sai, and set for a September 19th Japanese release, Kamui Gaiden follows the tale of a rogue ninja, Kamui who is constantly on the run and on the look out for other ninjas that do not like the fact that he has left the sect and could possibly let outsiders know of the ninja hidden secrets. Kept on his toes and without any trust or love for anyone that he meets, Kamui does finally settles down in a small village, where he eventually feels comfortable and safe with its inhabitants. Of course, the ninja threat is never too far away, as they have set in motion a trap to capture and take down the stray ninja. No English subs for this trailer, so my apologies, but since I just told you the plot, you can figure out what is going on. Also, it would be silly of me not to mention the crazy shark attack in the about jumping the shark!

Okay, this next trailer was one that I bumped into over at Dear Bastards, and I was instantly taken by it.

This may be something special, something different, something to talk about. The film - The Fourth Kind - the way the film is handled - one of a kind. At least one of a kind when in comparison to your average cinema fair. Sorry about the crypticness so far, but when you have some Blair Witch type of back story to a movie, but it may actually be real...well, that just changes the whole game. The Fourth Kind is written and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, and stars Mila Jovovich and Elias Koteas (better known as Casey "modda fuckin" Jones! Recognize!), two actors that I enjoy very much. The Fourth Kind is based off seemingly true events of an ongoing case of alien abductions in Nome, Alaska where a disturbingly large amount of people have mysteriously gone missing every year since the 1960's. Despite multiple FBI investigations, no answers have been reached in regards to the ongoing case, resulting in many accusations of a federal cover up. What makes this film the most interesting is, the integrated never-before-seen footage of disturbing psychiatric sessions with some of the victims of the so-called abductions. It's like one part documentary, mixed into a traditional Hollywood film. Sounds and looks like it could be a gimmick, but from what I have researched, it is not. You get the breaking of the fourth wall in a trailer that is quite frightening and promises to deliver a film that doesn't come around all too often. Look for The Fourth Kind in theaters on November 6th.

That's it for me this time folks, hope you enjoyed those trailers, and feel free to leave comments as to what you think about them! And lastly, I know I don't say it enough, but I love you.



  1. Holy jesus, I am not sleeping tonight. The Fourth Kind looks insane.

  2. Doesn't it?! I saw the trailer last week and thought it looked very scary, but when I read more about it, I was even more scared! I ain't ever going to Alaska!

  3. I love the Fourth Kind trailer! It's such a different-looking trailer and 'fact-based' alien stories like Fire in the Sky and Mothman Prophecies always succeed in freaking me out, even if I suspect it's all bs. Hope this turns out to be a surprise sleeper.

  4. I LOVE FIRE IN THE SKY! Saw it in theaters and it scared the crap outta me, and it is still a very creepy movie even now. I am having high hopes for The Fourth Kind, and I hope it can deliver on the promised goods.

    Ohh, and don't forget about Communion! Whitley Strieber is telling the truth!

  5. Im quickly learning to rely on you for interesting new stuff Ive never heard of, keep dishin the dirt Matt thanks for the awesome finds! I am ALL in on The Fourth Kind

  6. Thanks! Coming from a horror information machine like yourself Carl, that is a major compliment and I am very happy that you enjoy the crap that I post!

    And from what the other bloggers have told me, The Fourth Kind couldn't handle you being ALL in! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

  7. Yo, speaking of Communion, there's a new movie in development from the mind of Whitley Strieber called The Nye Incidents, based on a comic book/graphic novel/what-have-you from him about a series of murders of reported alien abductees. It's going to be a Dark Castle production directed by Todd Lincoln. Should be one to watch for!

  8. My dad was big time into those Strieber books when I was a kid, so I got into them too. I still have all of his books, and whether or not any of it is true, I love shit like that, and you know I am heading out to search the inter-tubes for info on The Nye Incidents! I hope it has something to do with Bill Nye the Science Guy gettin' jacked up by alien killer dudes! Thanks for the heads up, Jeff!

    Also, for another Totally Tubular Trailer, click on this link to Paracinema...The Blog, and watch the awesome teaser for the new Chris Nolan film, Inception!


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