Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We only have ourselves to blame

The stars have once again aligned - to hopefully create a horror film worth checking out in theaters. On August 7th, A Perfect Getaway will be released in theaters across the country, and I must say, I’m pretty excited for it. It’s the second movie in a month’s time that is horror, not a remake or something along those lines, and doesn't look like it will completely blow. I dig the trailer as it looks quite promising, and I was kinda surprised when my old lady said that she too wanted to see the movie, saying it looked intense and possibly scary. I love the cast, namely Steve Zahn, Marley Shelton, Timothy Olyphant, and of course, Mila Jovovich. I would call that a very solid genre cast considering some of the films those actors have previously done, and I have a feeling we will get some very strong performances from a few of them. Lastly, David Twohy has shown some serious horror chops as seen in 2002’s Sci Fi monster film, Pitch Black, and he hasn’t directed anything since that films sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick way back in 2004. So it could possibly be back to Pitch Black form for him, in a film that seems to have some similar themes, just in a different setting.

I mostly bring this movie up to see if others are excited for the film, this would be another great opportunity to show some support for an original horror film, instead of not going to see the movie, yet again proving Hollywood right when they assume that all audiences members are 14, or just stupid. For the record, I haven’t had a day off from work in a while, but I swear I will see Orphan this weekend, as I will be off for the weekend’s duration. Just wanted to make that clear before I tirade any further. Much to everyone’s surprise, Orphan has gotten some really good reviews, like way more than anyone would have ever thought, and I already wanted to see the movie because I just thought it looked like fun, but now it is being well received on top of that.

I’m really hoping the continuously positive buzz will get a few more assess in to seats to see Orphan, and hopefully those same assess sit in those seats for A Perfect Getaway…assuming it's a good film. For a good number of years now, horror fans have cried about not getting films geared towards them, too many remakes, and not enough originality to be found in the theaters is often heard by the horror masses these days. Now would be the prime opportunity to support a few films that are, original, Rated R, are not afraid to be intense or hardcore, and aren’t being thrown into limbo to eventually end up on fucking DVD. This seems to be the case with Orphan from what I have heard, and looks to be how A Perfect Getaway will be like…hopefully.

Orphan is no box office success in any way, but it hasn’t done all that terrible either. As of today, the film has grossed around $27 million after its second weekend, one decent push from you and I could make a little dent in the dismal summer movie market. If both Orphan and A Perfect Getaway were to do at least decent in theaters, it could certainly sway the horror pendulum towards our taste preferences a little bit. And that, is always a good thing. We have blown it in the past with films like The Devils Rejects, The Ruins, Grindhouse, and Drag Me to Hell. I unfortunately missed Drag Me to Hell, so I am not void of this horror guilt, but that shit was out of theaters in a flash. I cannot even fathom not seeing a Sam Raimi horror movie in the theaters, and it was another film that the horror crowd was raving about, which didn't make me feel any better.

What it all comes down to is horror fans complain so much, but are we in the seats when these films come out? I know a lot of you are, I am as much as possible, but how many people are complaining about the state of horror cinema, and then not supporting the right films? I bitch sometimes, but I do show support as much as possible, and anyone that is out there and not seeing these films has no reason to complain. If both Orphan, AND A Perfect Getaway fail at the box office, then forget about the state of horror in cinema being bad now, it will be worse ten fold after two R rated, original horror films crash and burn at the box office. Again. I will put forth my best effort to see both films, meaning I will see both, and I will try to encourage others to give ‘em a whirl too. It’s time we took our theaters back!



  1. Orphan may not have set the box office on fire but it's doing really well - definitely a success, if not a blockbuster. As for Perfect Getaway, I'm stoked for it. Save for Chronicles of Riddick, I like Twohy's films a lot - his WWII haunted sub film Below (2002) was a film that never got much attention but it's really good stuff - so I'm hoping that Getaway proves to be a tight thriller.

  2. Yeah I'm looking forward to A Perfect Getaway myself. From the trailer it seems like the film mostly takes place during the day time, which is interesting.

    Also, that's the ill-fated Nikki from Lost in there isn't it?

  3. I liked Orphan quite a bit when we caught it yesterday, and I'd like to see A Perfect Getaway, just because I have a not even remotely secret crush on Milla and am living in hope that Steve Zahn catches a machete in the face. I've liked movies with him in them, but would never seek the guy out and he turns up in odd stuff I never expect.

    Below was a lot of fun too!

  4. Jeff: I kinda forgot about 'Below', and was surprised when I saw that Twohy had directed it. I'll certainly have it on my future viewing radar now with your recommendation.

    I am happy that Orphan has done decently, and I am very surprised too. I would love to see it do even better though, and hopefully it can last in the super sped up revolving door that is today's movie theater. So many movies barely make it into theaters, and when they are there, the show times are grossly limited, and they are outta there with the quickness.

    Also, I know you’re pumped for A Perfect Getaway!

    Gregory: The day time setting is definitely something that makes the film more interesting…and the jungle surrounding just adds to it. I love survival films and I hope that A Perfect Getaway delivers on the intensity.

    And good call on the “Who‘s the hot chick, and where in the hell was she this whole time?” girl from Lost!

    Mob: You have a crush on Jovovich…who doesn’t?! I always thought she was hot back when she was in Dazed and Confused, and then I thought she was great in The Messenger (which is an awesome movie), and of course The Fifth Element! I’m excited to see her in something where she isn’t in the super hero role and there are no massive special effects surroundings. I like those RE movies for the most part, and a big portion of that is because of her, but I’m excited to see her in a scaled back non-leading role.

    I have seen Zahn in soo many movies and I think for the reason that he turns up in so many odd things is why I have really grown to like him. Every time I see him in another film, I like him a little more, and after like 20 or so movies, that shit adds up!

    And thanks for seconding the recommend for Below!

  5. You make some excellent points Matt. I need to get my bum into the theater! I was tempted t sneak into Orphan when I saw Harry Potter, but I stopped myself because I truly want to give a movie like that my money.

    It's funny: I don't watch much live tv and so I had no idea about The Getaway. Granted, I don't spend a lot of time following current horror news, but is it me, or has there not been a whole lotta push for this film?

  6. Drag Me to Hell was in the UK cinemas for three or four, which was unusual for a horror film over here.

    Like you though, I just plain didn't see it (shame on me).

  7. Emily: There have been a good number of TV spots for A Perfect Getaway that I have seen, but it totally seems like a film that would completely fly under the radar of any one that doesn’t keep up on the latest horror news.

    I keep up on horror news almost too much, but I pretty much ignore most of it unless something interesting jumps out at me, and I knew nothing about the film until the television advertisements. Therefore, I would guess that they are marketing it better than some horror films that have come out in the past.

    In addition, I would fully expect you to check out Orphan, just seems like it would totally be your type of movie! In fact, I would be very surprised if you don’t watch it in theaters!

    Nowtas: I took too long to go and see Drag Me to Hell, and I knew it wasn't going to be out for very long, with how poorly it performed in the first two weeks. Still, I could have made a better effort to see it, and I was kicking myself for missing "Raimi's return to horror" in theaters.

    Sadly enough, I cannot help but think that the PG-13 rating turned some of the fans that didn’t go and see the film off and kept them out of the seats. This would be complete bullshit of course. Raimi isn't gonna give us a bitch-ass, weak movie when the title is 'Drag Me to Hell'!

  8. I've been hearing good things about Orphan and you bring up a good point about supporting original theatrical horror movies this summer. The Haunting In Connecticut left a bad taste in my mouth and I've been cautious about what I decide to put my money into ever since (Drag Me To Hell being the exception, of course). Unfortunately a friend already ruined the twist in Orphan for me so I'll be skipping that one, but I'll definitely try to check out Perfect Getaway. I wanted to see The Collector but I keep hearing comparisons to SAW, plus I'm not a fan of the filmmakers behind The Collector anyway, so that one will stay scratched off of my "movies to see" list. Good stuff, man. Enjoying the new blog so far.

  9. Thank you Aaron...I really appreciate the kind words, they are very encouraging!

    The ending of Orphan was ruined for me too, but I am still planning on checking it out this weekend at some point, but knowing the ending really sucks.

    I fully support being cautious with even the original horror films that come out. Some films you can kind of tell that they might be worthy of a watch, and some are clearly going to be crap, unless good word spreads about them, or vice versa.

    I had heard some good things about The Collector, but my buddy at 'Dinner With Max Jenke' said it was completely awful, and I trust his opinion (usually!). The trailer for The Collector is terrible and looks just like a Saw film. And like you, I am not a fan of the filmmakers either...I hated Feast and I could care less about the Saw films, so that is why I left The Collector off of this post for new horror releases to check out and support. I would rather see good original and well made horror films succeed at the box office…we will see what this weekend brings as far as A Perfect Getaway goes.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. No problem. I actually dug the first Feast. But the second one.... holy shit. Easily one of the worst movies I've seen in recent years. I'm really curious as to how A Perfect Getaway does too. Opening the same weekend as GI Joe is like box office suicide, but we shall see. Later.

  11. Okay Matt, I saw Orphan!!! Amazing how I'm more susceptible to Internet peer pressure in my 20s than I was to smoking at the urges of my 8th grade gang as a 13 year old.

    Anyway, I totally got a kick out of. I still say see it, even with knowledge of the ending. The twist wasn't that earth shattering, but the ride to it was pretty darn fun. I dedicate my review to you and your bullying.

  12. Ha ha! Yay! I can't wait to read it, and I am an internet bully aren’t I?!

    I'm happy that you saw it, though as I said I would see it this weekend, I didn't get the chance to go since I was so busy and on a kind of mini-vaca. However, I also had the knowledge of only having to work Monday, to be followed by having Tuesday and Wednesday off.

    So I will sneak over to a matinee, unless I can get my ball and chain to go with me to an evening show! I am waiting to start hearing things about A Perfect Getaway, and I hope it is positive. For the weekend, it tanked only pulling in just under $6 million and landing in the 7th spot! Pretty rough.

    Oh well, I cannot wait to read your review now, and then read it again after I see the movie! Now, you wanna drag of this? *holds out a lit smoke*

  13. Eighth grade flashbacks! Be strong Emily, be strong!

    Yeah, bad time to release a film like A Perfect Getaway. August is a decent time for horror, but not when you pit it against G.I. Joe. Should probably have been lumped into January where a tropical setting may have been a little more exciting to film audiences.

  14. For some reason, I was in the mind set that G. I. Joe was going to be a major flop because it looked so terrible, but I should know better than that I guess. It's too bad for A Perfect Getaway...and it will probably be out of theaters before a lot of people may even have the chance to go and see it (namely me!). And I think you're on to something with the timing of the movie and putting it out during chillier months would have been a good move. Oh well...

    Oh Hey, Emily...wanna cut class and go take shots of my mom's Kahlua?! Everyone is drinking Kahlua these days.


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