Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Can See For Miles and Miles

After a long day at work, and an even longer night partying with those wild kids over on Elm Street, I found a little time to post something over at Paracinema this evening. Gearing up for an upcoming multi-state move for the Missus and I, it is nice to be able to sit back and watch a movie where the characters have some chaos in their lives to deal with. The movie is the 1988 apocalyptic film, Miracle Mile. Watching a bunch of people run around due to what may be the end of the world takes some pressure off a person, and makes me feel a little better about packing too.

Apocalyptic situations in films are something that I truly enjoy, whether it be the start, in the midst, or the post, the apocalypse is a sub-genre that comes in many shapes and sizes, and one that can deliver on many different levels. From the modest budgeted and intimate one-man show from Rory Cochrane in Right At Your Door, to a cult classic like Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, and a powerhouse blockbuster pile-of-shit like, The Day After Tomorrow, it is a genre that is a part of cinema that can be matched by no other in abundance and diversity. Zombies, viruses, natural disasters, unnatural disasters, giant monster movies, War, alien invasions, you name it, they are all apocalyptic sub-genres. So yeah, Miracle Mile - where does it place in the annals of apocalyptic cinema? You will have to head over and read my review for yourself. In the meantime (Helmet!), I’ll be working on the plans for my new bomb shelter, hopefully equipped with a rocket launcher!

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Paracinema...The Blog: Miracle Smile :)


  1. I'll be checking out that review. Miracle Mile is one of my favorites - hope you liked it!

  2. I actually wrote it a while back, and sat on it for a little while, then the movie came up in one of the comment sections of your blog which I thought was kinda cool! I was happy to here that others dug the movie, whether or not I liked it, you will find out over there! I can't reveal my secrets here!

  3. Im all in on that action, just made the jump and found a new recommendation ;)

  4. Fantastic.

    I remember catching this on TV a few years back and was really taken with it. And the connection to Cloverfield? I had the same feeling the first time I saw it in theaters.

    Giant monsters and the end of the world! Two of my favorite things.

  5. Thanks for reading everyone!

    You should certainly check it out, Carl. It is a pleasant surprise to say the least, and one that I fully recommend seeing.

    Silence, I was taken by Miracle Mile too. I'm totally with you on giant monsters and the end of the world based just can't beat it!

    On a side note, I am looking forward to what you post at your new blog!

  6. Excellent film, and gay fans of the film love the fact that gay porn star, Steve Hammond has a cameo appearance as the guy who is mistaken for the helicopter pilot in the store front.

  7. That is pretty cool that De Jarnatt used a recognizable guy male to play the part of a person that is mistaken for a gay character. Nice little wink to anyone in the gay community that would recognize him from! Thanks for coming with the phat facts, Pax! Much appreciated!


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