Monday, August 17, 2009

Now THIS is How a Teaser Should Be Done!

I need not post any info about this movie, not that there's a lot to find about Hypothermia in these early stages, but it would just defeat the purpose of such an awesomely executed teaser. As the title of this post suggests, THIS is how a teaser is done! THIS is all that I need, to have my attention grabbed - and it is always nice to see a teaser like this, in a world where the art of teasers and trailers are as lost, and ancient, as the art of Egyptian Hieroglyphics (?). Okay, maybe not quite that lost, but it is so rare to have a movie trailer or teaser that doesn't either completely explain, to the detail, what is going to happen in the movie that said teaser/trailer is for, or one that completely dupes you into thinking a film is one thing, when in all actuality, it is something completely different.

I did seek, and find out a little info about the film, Hypothermia that resulted in this following teaser, but I thought it would be nice if you watched it, then got excited for it, then in anticipation, looked for any info on the movie to devour in your insane movie-fueled, carnivorous way. It's like the old days, right? Maybe not, but I do not want to take away from the effectiveness of this brilliant teaser by talking about it for two paragraphs. Which is exactly what I am still kinda doing now. Damn.

I just love seeing a teaser that keeps it simple and tells you nothing, while still telling you a whole lot. You know there is something under that thick slab of ice, and you know that something, is something that you don't want to tussle with. And you get all of that from a single shot of an ice fishing hole.

Hypothermia is being frozen for us by Glass Eye Pix (under the ScareFlix sub-label), the same company that put out other such genre efforts from the likes of Larry Fessenden (who also created the label) in the form of Wendigo and The Last Winter among others. Now, I really don't expect you to have to go and search for info about the film, so I will provide a link to a place where you can read the synopsis and find what little info there is. Here would work nicely. It’s kind of cheating and almost defeats the purpose, but there is still some adventure to be found in clicking on the link - a link, that for all you know, could lead to a nude photo of one Matt-suzaka.


  1. Very intriguing, I love the simplicity, reminds me of the first ad campaign for Open Water! Great find!

  2. Oh man, the ads for Open Water scared the shit out of me, I am way afraid of sharks and when I saw the first teaser for O.W., it was in the movies, and I had to cover my eyes!!

    I can't wait to find out more about Hypothermia, and I hope that great teaser is a sign of a well made low budget horror movie to come.

  3. Subtle, yet intriguing... What's under the ice? It makes my lungs all shrivel like thinking about it... I want to know!!! Good find!

  4. Thanks Ms Harker!

    I know it's a monster of some sort under that sheet of cold, but what kind of monster is it?! I'm gonna guess that it's George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life. Like, maybe he never made it out of the frozen lake after the sledding accident! Maybe that's a stretch, but one can hope!

    Thanks for the visit!


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