Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RoboGeisha, or...What the F!?

If I remember correctly, I first saw the trailer for the upcoming Japanese film, RoboGeisha thanks to Miles over at the fantastic blog, HodgeBlodge. I had no idea what I was in for the first time I clicked play on the trailer button thingy, and even now, as I find myself clicking play on the second trailer for RoboGeisha, I realize that I still have no comprehension of how completely insane this movie looks! Like...I could say something about the incredibly weird voice over that sounds kind of like a dude trying to clear his throat while dropping a difficult to push out deuce, or the over the top action and gore, the Geisha chainsaw, the from-outta-nowhere Japanese pop-punk song, the use of lactate as a weapon (yes, boobie milk), the torso only sword attack, the unbelievably bad (but still enjoyable) CG, and the overall out there hi jinks to be found all throughout this trailer. I could keep going, but why bother, the trailer is right below, so just click on it yourself if you want to witness the madness!

Warning! This trailer may not be suitable for anyone under the age of ten. Any older, then don't worry about it, they already smoke butts and drink by now anyways.

The same crew behind Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl brings RoboGeisha to us. I still have not seen TGP, but I thought Machine Girl was a total blast for what it was. RoboGeisha looks to blow the doors off what we saw in Machine Girl, and I cannot wait to be flabbergasted for an hour and a half when the movie makes its way to my DVD player.

Go to Hell!


  1. I've been sitting on Tokyo Gore Police for months and haven't even watched it yet. I just can't get into the crazy Japanese stuff for some reason, but this movie looks hilarious though. Big Man Japan is another movie I've been wanting to check out.

  2. It can get old pretty quick, Aaron. I actually started TGP last night (it's on instant watch), but it was wicked late, so I feel asleep early on. It seemed fun enough, but I haven't heard the best of things about the movie and it is almost two hours long?! That is a long time to dedicate to that type of film.

    That is what works about the old Pink Eiga films, they are always about an hour, and are over before you know it. This new wave of strange Japanese cinema should follow some sort of suit and not run longer than an hour and twenty minutes.

    But RoboGeisha looks like it will be wildly entertaining, along with the film you brought up, Big Man Japan…another weird looking movie!

  3. This reminds me of the movie Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl that I glimpsed at the Frankensteinia blog.
    A couple things about this trailer though, is the announcer an asthmatic chain smoker? And who doesn't need a Geisha chainsaw for odd jobs around the house?

  4. A Geisha chainsaw would be super handy when I buy new clothes with difficult to remove tags, or far anything that comes in those annoyingly hard to open plastic packages that normally require scissors to get open!

    I did see that Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl trailer and it is as out there as the trailer for RoboGeisha. All the wrist cut rally stuff is so weird, and the fact that one of the female characters weapons are swords made of the blood that comes out of her wrists just blows my mind!!

    Thank you for stopping by, Monster Scholar!

  5. Ive heard the title but didnt know anything more about it. Before I got to the vid clip, the first thing that came to mind was MG and TGP, both of which I enjoy for the ridiculous anime-style blood and gore. This one should be right up my alley!

  6. Carl, If you didn't, you should click on the links that Monster Scholar and I posted up above. If you are a fan of these types of movies, then you will not be disappointed by the Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl trailer! Shit is crazy!

    I like these new-wave of weird Japanese films quite a bit, they are very entertaining, but they are best enjoyed in small doses as to not get burnt out by them too quickly.

  7. The title "Robogeisha" is BRILLIANT...thanks for tipping me off to this one!

  8. Not a problem, Billy...I'm happy that you enjoyed it! I knew that anyone that hasn't already seen the first trailer would get a kick out of this wild movie! I think it's great that the title RoboGeishs leads to calling everything that is awesome RoboSomething or other! Making things Robo, is making them 10x cooler!


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