Friday, August 7, 2009

Totally Tubular Trailers!

Here are a few recent - to - new trailers that I came across on my usual nightly internet journeys, and I thought I would kindly share them with your pretty little ass.

First up, is the newest trailer for Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre aka What?!

I didn’t pay much attention to this film outside of the insane title, until I watched this trailer. As IMDB puts it, the film is “An epic tale about a group of whale watchers, whose ship breaks down and they get picked up by a whale fisher vessel. The Fishbillies on the vessel has just gone bust, and everything goes out of control.” What the hell are Fishbillies?! Do I need to look this one up? Cause I’m not going to…I’ll just make it up and say that Fishbillies are hillbillies, but they make their home the open seas as opposed to the sticks. How’s that sound? Okay, the trailer is entertaining and well paced, and I love the opening where you are shown the difference between the Icelandic town of Reykjavik, and whale watching! Also, the man who once did one hell of a sexy slow dance with a chainsaw, Gunner Hanson is also in this film, and usually when a horror genre vet is in a movie, it sucks, but this film does actually look quite promising…so his presence could possibly be a bonus for once.

Next up is the Martial Arts epic, Bodyguards and Assassins (Sap yueh wai sing).

This is a film that I have noticed on Twitch a number of times due to the poster, which for some reason, always catches my eye. Ten years in the making, and a huge budget by Hong Kong standards, we finally have an official trailer for the Teddy Chan directed, decade long, dream project.

Bodyguards and Assassins is a fictionalized account of Sun Yat-sen, a revered Chinese revolutionary who received protection from a group of Kung Fu masters during an assassination attempt on his life in 1905 Hong Kong. The film has an amazing cast, the most notable for me would have to be Donnie Yen and Simon Yam, and even with me being slightly tired of period piece Martial Arts flicks, this (along with Yen‘s IP Man) is one that I will certainly be checking out. You will agree by time the trailers final shot penetrates your retina.

Last and probably least, is the trailer for Don’t Look Up (the meaning of Fishbillies?). A remake of Hideo Nakata’s 1996 film Joyû-rei, Don’t Look Up is directed by Fruit Chan, and is the tale of a film crew dealing with haunted film stock, that is causing them to all - slowly - go - insane!!! Most impacted by this madness is a young filmmaker (Reshad Strik) that is overly sensitive to paranormal visions. Sounds just wonderful, now doesn’t it? So, the reason I was excited for this trailer was director Fruit Chan’s involvement in the director’s role. I loved Chan’s 3 Extremes segment, Dumplings, and for a short film that was kind of predictable, it remained shocking thanks to the discomfort and sense of dread that Chan was able to put across on screen with skillful film making technique and sound.

This trailer is rather gruesome (just wait till the 20 second mark hits!) which is of course, a good thing, but Don’t Look Up being Fruit Chan’s English language debut, doesn’t look to translate all that well. Reshad Strik’s performance based off this trailer is unbearable, and it looks like a Full Moon film, not a film from an acclaimed Chinese director. I love me some Full Moon, but that is not what I am expecting from this movie. I’m hoping that this is a case of a poorly cut trailer, and the film will be much better than what it seems from these three minutes of meh. Regardless, the trailer needs to be seen, to be believed.

Alright, I’m out for now, hope you enjoyed these trailers as I have enjoyed your presence here tonight.


  1. Yes...I completely agree with you?!

  2. x3, random assortment of letters and characters! Ive been hearing a ton of positive press on Whale Watching Massacre, I still havent seen a single clip so its entirely fresh when I finally check it out

  3. I will almost always avoid any movie news about any film untill I can at least see a trailer, and even after that, I will completely avoid reading any reviews unless I know it is from a spoiler free source.

    What I'm getting at is, the fresher the better, and seeing a movie with very little knowledge is the best way to see almost any film. I think hype and built up expectations are what hurt a film like Martyrs (for example) for some fans that were somewhat let down by the movie.

    Like you, I know very little about "Sukiyaki Western Whale Massacre Django Watch," or what ever the fuck it's called, outside of what I get from the trailer I posted. It does seem like it may have a bit of a Hostel feel to it, but that is really only based off of one trailer, and I will wait till I see the film to find out much more about the movie.


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