Friday, August 21, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Confused Fashion Sense Edition!

Hey-hey-hey kids! After a long week of working hard for dat cash monies, it is time for you to enjoy that hard earned dough by spending it right here, at Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! The more you spend, means the more you drink, the more you drink, means the more you dance, the more you drink and dance, means the hotter for me you become! If you’re lucky, later on I'll let you up to the private suite for a little one-on-one dancing, and of course some Moet - on the house. We all know the Moet you drink, the mo-wet you get! Yeaooowww! But for now, I believe dj Skele-tone just rolled up, and with him, he brought the hottest of the hot dance tunes. Tonight, on dj Skele-tone's dope-ass music agenda, we will be poppin’ and lockin’ to the smooth sounds of Any Way I Gotta Swing It brought to us by hip-hop pioneers, Whodini! The only magic trick here, is gonna be when I make it disappear, but don't you go and disappear, cause this party is hotter than my urinary tract infection!

Ughh...who invited a Baldwin brother? Gross, I guess the freaks do come out at night!

Whodini? More like Who-didn't look in the mirror before leaving the house today! For the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, 1989's Any Way I Gotta Swing It was created by the classic hip-hop group, Whodini. Unlike the previous dance party, there was no controversy to be found with this jam, except for maybe some of the outfit choices, of course. Whodini's lyrical duo consisted of Jalil Hutchins and John Fletcher (aka Ecstasy), along with DJ Drew Carter (aka Grandmaster Dee) on the tables. I love the dancing Freddy’s going up and down the stairs, and the classic "Nancy’s house" setting is more than cool, but watching Ecstasy dance around in an open chested stonewash jean jacket, complete with matching ripped jeans has got to be the frosting on this hip-hop cake! Definitely, the hot look in 1989! Not that Ecstasy's get up wasn't the norm for him, but it's always worth a giggle or two. I also really dig Jalil's "Door to door magazine salesman" outfit - very church appropriate.

Great video for a fun song, Any Way I Gotta Swing is a proper entry into the Freddy pop-culture universe, and one that I will always find some fun in watching. But what I enjoy watching even more, is you tearin' up that dance floor. Man, you look so beautiful when you move; hopefully you'll be rippin' off my clothes the same way rip up that dance floor! Now here, take this pill. Don't worry about what it does - it'll make you feel...happy. You like feeling happy, don't you?


  1. Yeaaaaaaah boyeeeeee *starts cutting a rug*. Just remind me not to dream and drive.

  2. Ahhhh yeaaaaahhhh - you always bring da hottest moves POT! You should change your name to Party of Terror!! Got any meth?

  3. When Whodini's in the house, you know it's a party!

  4. With the outfits he chooses to wear, how can it not be!

  5. That was mad fresh, son. Crazy silly def! The only thing that would have made the video iller is if Freddy woulda came out at the end and gutted them all like fish, especially the guy who's dressed up like a gay cowboy. Thanks for posting this, Sir Matthew of Suzaka. Now I can officially get this party started quickly... right?

  6. Oh shit! Aaron and Carl are in da house! You guys must go through sneakers like mad fast with those hot moves you be bringin'!

    Best part of this video is when "Ecstasy" picks up the kids bouncy ball, and proceeds to slam it down onto the ground with the force and attitude of a man in a cowboy outfit! That is a get up that would certainly cause much anger in myself, to the point of possibly wanting to smash a bouncy ball to the ground!

    Thanks for joinin' da party...any of you guys got any coke?

  7. This reminds me... there was another rap song done for Part 4 right? I remember hearing it in the end credits... wait!!! MC Lyte and Sinead O'Connor got together for a duo for Part 4. And the other song was by Kool Moe Dee!

    But this gem, slipped right under my radar...


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