Friday, August 7, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Dream Warriors Edition

Hey girl hay! You just strolled into the hottest night club this side of the other hottest night club...Freddy's Friday Night Dance Par-tay! Eeoww!

Tonight's dance party, features the sick sounds of dj Skele-tone, and he has brought with him his copy of Dokken's Dream Warriors! Oh snappp! "Ain't gonna dance no more?!" Yeah right..this party is just getting started!

In 1987, Dokken members George Lynch and Jeff Pilson wrote the metal classic Dream Warriors for the film, A Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors. A song that I have always loved, with it's awesome anthem that was as simple as "Dream Warriors...ain't gonna dream no more!" A perfect song at the perfect time for one of the best films of the Nightmare franchise. Plus, how great is the video with scenes from Dream Warriors the film, interwoven with the members of Dokken?! It becomes ultimately clear that the only thing that can truly stop Freddy Krueger is the power of falsetto singing..."Maybe tonight, maybe tonight you'll be gone!" Take that Krueger!

But enough of this useless chit chat - lets get back to the dance party!!! Oh my that Eric Nies?! Now this party is legit!


  1. You know dj Skele-tone already has that shit (among a few others!) in the line-up for a future dance party!

    I LOVE Are you ready for Freddy, and my girlfriend makes fun of me for knowing the lyrics, and for often busting out with Freddy's verses, along with the awesome chorus!

    "Elm Streets the place, you got the time, listen to this, yo bust a rhyme!"

    So good!

  2. Whoa I don't even know what the fuck this song is

    Böhse Onkelz - Freddy Krueger

    Wenn Träume euch zum Wahnsinn treiben
    wenn eure Seelen tausend Qualen leiden
    wenn ihr eure schlimmsten Träume lebt
    dann ist es Freddy's Reich vor dem Ihr steht
    Freddy Krüger ist ein Freund von mir
    in Deinen Träumen kommen wir zu
    Dir Freddy Krüger ist ein Freund von mir
    in Deinen Träumen kommen wir zu Dir
    Dein Leben hängt an seidenen Fäden
    und Freddy Krüger spielt mit dir diese Nacht
    kannst du nur einmal leben dann bleibst du für immer hier

  3. Haha...I have never seen that one before! I can't read German, but I will guess that those lyrics are about how rad Freddy Krueger is! Good find!

  4. Damnit. Now that's stuck in my head. Which may be a good thing because previously, I'd bee humming "Gwandee Is His Name" from My Name Is Bruce and baffling everyone around. At least Dreeeeeeeeem Warriors sounds badass.

  5. Carl: Those LOL's are very fitting, especially when you watch the end of the video! When Krueger is being held at bay to eventually be defeated by power ballad vocals, I can't help but laugh! And Patricia A's reaction is even funnier!

    Emily: Since posting this thread, I have found myself, more than once, busting out with some Dream Warriors lyrics...sometimes right out in public! The power of metal is impossible to fight off, it's just easier to let it take hold of you!

    Thanks everyone for commenting!

  6. If dreams are driving you to madness
    if your one thousand souls suffer agonies
    If you have the worst dreams alive
    then it's Freddy's empire before you stands
    Freddy Krueger is a friend of mine
    in your dreams, we come to
    Dir Freddy Krueger is a friend of mine
    in your dreams, we come to you
    Your life depends on silken threads
    Freddy Krueger and play with you this night
    you can only live once then you stay here forever

  7. What the fuck!? That's great! Sounds all nice with Freddy being a friend of mine, like a nice little story about good buddies out on the town. The town of nightmares!


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