Friday, August 20, 2010

Jan Terri's Friday Night Dance Party!


What up all you hopping hepcats! I'm simply thrilled to see you've taken time out of your day to join me for another edition of Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party, but as the title would suggest, it is once again being hijacked. But who dare hijack such a well respected weekly event such as this? Well, there is only one person capable of doing so and that is the DIY diva herself, Jan Terri! The past few Dance Parties have been pretty good but there seemed to be something missing, so I thought it would be a swell idea to have my good friend Jan (not short for January, despite what many claim) come in and show us how to do something we all may have forgotten how to do…have fun.

I know I know, that is a whole lot of Miss Terri to be seen in one sitting but much like a bag of Lays, you can't watch just one (that makes absolutely no sense). Seriously, this woman is gold incarnate - I can sit here all night long just watching her sway back and forth with every movement simply mesmerizing me, calling me to get behind and wrap my arms around her waist, joining her in the off-beat rhythm as she sings into my eager ear. What I would give to be a pair of leather pants after seeing that Losing You video…that bitch can stretch me as tight as she wants.

While this isn't the usual Dance Party material, there is a connection, in a way, and that is Jan made these videos herself, on VHS no less. I think anyone that grew up in the VHS era can really appreciate what this broad brought to the table. Sex appeal, a voice, style, sass, beauty, moves that will make your privates sweat and all of it captured on a camera bigger than my car. Most people used video cameras to make home movie of their asshole kids eating dirt, or to record some lame soccer game, or maybe even to make an awful Zombie movie. But not Jan, oh hell no, that mother put on a real show with each incredible song brought to life using a multitude of genres. She is an inspiration as well as a goddess, and I am so excited to have had such a presence with us tonight. She is a true VHS Vixen, and a dear friend.


  1. This seems like the type of material the guys from Tim and Eric Awesome Show...Great Job! would appreciate.

  2. I was just introduced to Ms. Terri a few weeks ago and I must say, she is my new hero! "Get Down Goblin" should definitely be played at every Halloween party!

  3. This is some bizarre synchronicity, as I was - just hours ago - serenading my wife with "Get Down Goblin".

  4. It has taken 8 months for me to get "Rock n' Roll Santa" out of my head. I just glanced at your post and it all came back.


  5. Dude Matt you arew my hero tonight, I was just showing this to my co-workers this monring and we all laughed our asses off! Big win ehre..

    Drinking beer, making posts, drinking beer, making psts, more Rambo reviews to come!

  6. She's the Debbie Harry of Chicago!

  7. Jan reminds me of Edith Massey, but with better attention to her personal dental hygiene.

  8. Astro: Definitely, and funny thing is I was first introduced to that show because they played The Room on April Fools day. which in all honesty, tells you everything you need to know about their taste. Well, and mine!

    Morgan: Yo, Get Down Goblin was stuck in my head for at least two straight days! I found that Losing You video a few months ago and, after falling in love, sat on it for a while till I decided to do this post. To say I hit oil when I decide to goggle her name would be an understatement!

    Doug: Your wife is a woman that knows the feeling of being treated right! Did you do a little swaying dance to go along with it?!

    Turnidoff: You're welcome! Rock and Roll Santa will not be left out, the holidays will be filled with much Jan Terri!

    Carl: The videos are definitely a crowd-pleaser! Also, Rambo reviews are a big crowd-pleaser, if the crowd is made up entirely of me!

    Dylan: She really is…her moves, the blonde hair, the hip-hop sensibilities. It's all there. I am not all that far from Chicago, I wonder if I can become her friend, maybe"make a video" of mine own with her?

    Pax: Well, that goes without saying! Edith Massey is closer to, but not quite as bad as, the great Wesley Willis. She's like the middle ground I suppose!


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