Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers

I have a nice versatile set of trailers for you to check out today, with all of them being of the horror variety, so don't let me keep you any longer…enjoy the show.


First up is the first trailer for the Daniel Stamm directed, cinema vérité horror flick, The Last Exorcism. The film follows a reverend that allows a film crew to document his final exorcism, but while his previous encounters with exorcisms were less than legit, this one would turn out to be 2 legit 2 quit. I don't know what that means, I would guess it's not a good thing, though. This trailer shows a lot of promise, and I am definitely excited for the film…I just hope it gets a wide release when it does come out. Eli Roth's name attached as a producer should be a help, however, Lionsgate has been known to leave a few non-Saw films to rot in limited release hell. We'll find out August of this year.



Next up we have Old Scratch, and no, it's not a film about the genital reaction that J. Howard Marshall had after getting with Anna Nicole Smith, it's actually the newest film from writer/directed Robert Hall. If that name sounds familiar, he is the FX artist that wrote and directed Laid to Rest, a film that I didn't show too much love for in the review I wrote somewhat recently. While I didn't like his other ilm, I would give him another chance and think he might have something decent in him horror wise. Whether or not it will be this one, will remain to be seen, but this trailer is very awesome as is the premise, which has to do with a washed-up musician who plays one of his demo records backwards, resulting in Trick or Treat flashbacks. Well, maybe not that last part. Being a child of the 80's and someone that has more than once played a record backwards to no result, I am all in for giving Hall another shot with Old Scratch. Hope he can deliver the goods this time around.



Hey, what set of horror movie trailers would be complete without at least one zombie film? Played out or not, there are still some pretty dope zombie flicks that come out here and there, and for whatever reason, faith is always stronger when it's a zombie flick of the foreign variety as is the case with Rammbock, a German Zombie film that looks solid, if not slightly familiar to the near horror masterpiece, [REC]. Fantastic trailer for what looks like a nicely crafted film, with a plot not worth going over as it fits the usual infected zombie bill.



One thing we don't get enough of is cannibal films, and I may be wrong, but I think the last one I saw was Ravenous, which was a great movie from my memory of it. We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay) is a Mexican cannibal film, written and directed by Jorge Michel Grau and follows a family of cannibals that aren't sure how they will survive when their father and provider passes away, leaving them homeless and to find food for themselves. Interesting concept, and I love the idea of questioning the motives of these kids…is doing what they are doing wrong when it is what they know, what they where taught and they know no other way to live? This trailer shows a movie that looks taut, challenging and absolutely gorgeous. 

That's all for now, hope there were some cool trailers for you to ingest, and I would love to hear your thoughts on these upcoming horror films.


  1. The Last Exorcism trailer freaked me out with the multiple contortion sequences. People that can do that in real life just plain freak me the fuck out.

    Old Scratch, was that Monster Magnet being played on the record player? And was that Rob Fucking Schneider?

    Rammbock looks like a Rec ripoff.

    We Are What We Are looks interesting and unique.

    Seacrest out

  2. They all seem equal parts intriguing and disturbing... kewl!!!

    I don't know what it is, but exorcism movies always freak me out. But of course I'll see it anyway and not be able to sleep for a week. Yep, it's my one film weakness. Demon possession kypton somethingorother...

  3. I'm totally down for a new exorcism movie. A good one. There have been some crap ones lately.

  4. Exorcism movies won't ever do well because they are always compared to the best horror movie ever...obviously The Exorcist.

    Im digging Old Scratch as I loved Laid to Rest.

  5. Ok I saw Rob Schnider and Ashley Laurence in the trailer for OLD SCRATCH. My mind is somewhat blown.

    And great blog as always.

  6. POT: Agreed on all fronts, and even though RammCock looks like a [REC] rip off, I'm still interested in checking it out. I'm just a sucker for a zombie film. Key word being sucker!

    And that dude does look like Deuce, but I can't tell for sure. The movie oddly doesn't have an IMDB page, so no luck finding out if it is him. I'll guess it is though.

    Ashlee: Demon possession in movies is always pretty creepy and I like that stuff too. Always reminds me of a wicked awesome episode of Sightings with some prisoner that was possessed by a wolf demon thingy and jammed half his upper body through his prison bars! Crazy stuff, even if it might be fake.

    Angie: I haven't seen any of the newer ones like that Haunting in Connecticut or even Exorcism of Emily Rose, though I do own the last one. I have heard mixed things about it...I'll get to it at some point. I do hope The Last Exorcism is a badass as it looks.

    Jaded: Yeah, I knew you are a fan of Laid to Rest, and even though I'm not, I saw a lot of potential and Old Scratch looks really cool.

    And you are right about comparisons to The Exorcist, but I think Emily Rose did well from what I remember. I'm not sure how this one will do, if it even gets a release in never know what will work for that "general" audience.

    Al: Your words of kindness are very much appreciated! I'm really happy to see Laurence in the movie as the directors wife was in his last film, and I, as well as most people, thought she sucked. They almost have a similar look being both brunette but Laurence can act, and she is horror royalty so big bonus having her in the film.

  7. "The Last Exorcism" really has potential. I don't think that movie can fail too badly after seeing that trailer. It's either going to turn out to be mostly average, or the horror movie of the year.

    I'm not sure what to think of "Old Scratch", some things in that trailer look pretty cool, but then again I think I saw some cheap CGI for a second.

    "Rammbock" looks like a big "REC" rip-off (come on, even the old infected lady scene?) and what the hell are those subtitles for? I can speak German quite well and that dude most certainly didn't say 'I'm Michael.' No sense arguing about that, though.

    Not too excited about "We Are What We Are" - it may turn out to be pretty good, but I just didn't see anything in that trailer that interests me to the least.

    Great post, now I have some more movies to look forward to.

  8. Thanks, Atroxion! I think The Last Exorcism will deliver as long as the vérité style is done well, which is always the key to a film like that.

    I hope there is no CG blood in Old Scratch, but I would be surprised if that's the case with the FX background that Robert Hall has. His company does some pretty fantastic work.

    That scene with the old lady screams [REC] big time and was almost a turn-off...hopefully it works as it's own film.


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