Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Babble: The LAMB Shot Cyrus' Wolf Dork!

No Hangover today, obviously – the line-up was weak but I gots me some other shit to go over with you while you're here.

  • First up is this Teen Wolf MTV series that's been recently announced. While I loved the first film when I was a kid, I have no real interest in anything Teen Wolf related in my life again, but I am interested in what this show is going to be like for some reason. Is it going to have some sort of an influence from the Twilight Werewolves? Will Stiles be part of the show, and will he once again be someone I yearn to be just like? Will this extra show up to once again show everyone his dick?

These are all burning questions that must be answered.

  • The 2010 LAMMY nominations were recently announced, and as I fully expected, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby was nominated for best blog name! Thanks to anyone and everyone that voted for my blog and please feel free to do so once again to make sure I win that shit!! Though, I did not receive nominations in any other category, I was super pleased to see votes for almost every one of the categories, so that was nice to see.
  • Speaking of nominated for best blog name, elgringo from He Shot Cyrus is hosting an interesting little blog thingy titled My Best Blog Post Blog-A-Thon, where a handful of bloggers submitted their best or most underrated post. I was asked to participate, and I gladly submitted a review I did for a film that I truly loved. Like, I made babies with it and got it's name tattooed on my lower back, loved. I won't say what it is because you will have to find out for yourself. I don't think it's my best post, necessarily, but it is one of my best reviews and it went completely ignored, unfortunately. Can you read the bitterness in my words damn it! Great idea on elgringo's part, and while no one will probably still read it, I like the idea of giving a post a second chance for love. 

That's all I got for now…I was planning on doing a post on a bunch of VHS purchases via tag sales that I made as of late, but my internet connection has been nothing short of horrible, so it may take longer than I had planned. Until that time, see you on the flip side, shun!


  1. If it doesn't have The Stiles in it, then they need to take the Teen Wolf title away. And they have to play that cheesy "Win the End" song that plays as the Teen Wolf-less team takes on their dreaded rivals at the very end.

    Congrats on the award. You def deserve that one!

  2. Thanks Ashlee!

    Geof: And they need to have some wolf sex too! Stiles is a staple of Teen Wolf and without him, there is no point. Maybe they can get the original dude to play the new Stiles' father?!

    Thanks for the congrats!

  3. that was my wang... like norris's dangle... it is hard... to contain!

  4. It was your wangs presence that won the game for team Teen Wolf. It played as a distraction to the opposing team!

  5. I would totally watch a Teen Wolf show if it was even 13% as awesome as the film. Love me some Teen Wolf!!

  6. back in the day... i referred to it the wang as the teen wolf three... even though there was not a thought of teen wolf two, yet...

    i was like the movie "house four"...
    it was just there... lol

    i don't think that makes sense, the voices speak and i type....

  7. Carl: I do too, but my hopes for a good series are very low. I used to love the cartoon, though!

    iZombie: Ha, I was just talking about House 3 the other day...House 3 was actually released as The Horror Show! So there is a House 3, but not really?!

  8. in my johnny carson voice "i did not know that"... thank you the house 3 mystery solved...
    i am interested.

    wang out... like seacreast out! some how it sounds like a bunch of wieners hanging...

  9. I am a giver of information and an inspiration to all that would hang wiener style.


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