Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Babble: A Swift Kick to Paracinema


If you're feeling a little frisky and could go for some ass kicking Asian action, stop by Paracinema…The Blog, and check out my review for the 2009 Japanese Martial Art's Film, High Kick Girl! Thank you for your time kissy face.

Click Da Link!!  


  1. That High Kick Girl rocks! I also liked the music in the trailor. I am not walking but running to watch that film right now.

  2. It's far from perfect and not nearly as fun as the trailer, but it is more than solid enough for an enjoyable watch. There are some great fight scenes and it's on watch instantly if you have Netflix!

  3. That first kick sold me, Ill try to squeeze it in to the Netflixing! And now, on to PCB for the review!


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