Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adrien Brody…Scream King?

brody1 It recently dawned on me that Adrien Brody has really started to emerge as a full-fledged genre actor as of late. Since winning an Oscar for his role in Roman Polanski's The Pianist in 2002, he has appeared in numerous horror related films, with some of them being high profile, while others where somewhat less than so. In 2004, he put forth a fabulous performance in The Village, a film that has its issues and its detractors but is one that I personally love. The following year, he popped up in a giant remake of a giant monster movie, with Peter Jackson’s incredibly flawed King Kong, quickly followed by the underrated thriller, The Jacket that same year.

brody2.jpgConsidered terrible by most horror fans, Brody even showed up in an Argento film in 2009 with Giallo, a movie I have yet to see and am really in no rush to either based off what I have heard. Still, it's an Argento movie, and it gives a shred of horror cred to the actor in a way. But what really brings all of this actors work to my attention, is what he has on slate this year alone, with at least two of his films being much anticipated horror movies. The very promising Splice is just around the bend and looks to bring us a type of film we haven't seen in theaters in quite some time. Based off the new TV spots, the movie looks like it will deliver, and I believe that horror fans are pretty excited for the film, as I know I am.

brody What is even more anticipated than Splice is this year’s return of the dreaded one (plus some), with Predators, a movie that is by far one of the highest profile genre films of the year. Even with both of these big horror movies on the horizon, he still has another film due out in 2010 with the remake of 2001's Das Experiment, aptly titled, The Experiment. That's three horror movies in one year, two of which are definitely being released wide like your mom. Now, I think Brody is, most of the time, an excellent actor, and to have him doing as much work in the field of horror as he is doing is a great thing.

In a genre (and medium) that has become overly prettified over the last decade or so, it's nice to see an actor who can act, is respected and slightly awkward looking. Awkward as in, he looks kind of like the horse from Ren & Stimpy. So here's my question to you…is Adrien Brody carving himself a nice little niche as a horror icon, or am I completely crazy?


  1. I think so. His acting chops plus awkward look is tailor made for the genre.

    I personally think he looks like the living, breathing, personification of Ichabod Crain. To a T.

  2. "That's three horror movies in one year, two of which are definitely being released wide like your mom."

    You made me spill my milk while I was drinking, you bastard!

    Anyways, who cares if Adrien Brody is looking to be the next scream king (sounds like some emo band name), as long as we get good horror flicks I have nothing to complain about.

    "The Village" was definitely a highly intriguing film and a very unique one at that, even if it had its flaws. His acting there was very impressive. I didn't care too much about "King Kong", but I freakin' love "The Jacket". I don't know why that movie isn't more popular, but I consider it to be excellent on all parts. Again, his acting there was quite good as well.

    I don't care too much about "Predators" (maybe it's because of the two abominations we're all too familiar with), but I'm really excited about "Splice".

    That last picture is just evil (shame on you!), but it did get me laughing. Cheers!

  3. You are a visionary! I think he is just the bees knees.
    The Jacket was TOTALLY underrated. You hit the nail on its handsome head there. And I have yet to see Giallo. But I have said many times, even if the script was shit, Brody had to be thinking "this is a motherfucking ARGENTO movie! YES! I'll do it!"
    Now as for Splice, I am SO looking forward to it! I not only love Adrien, but Sarah Polley! She is my number one rewatch reason for Dawn of the Dead!
    And PREDATORS?! UGH! I had no idea he was even in this till almost a month ago and I nearly died from happiness!

    To wrap this all up, let me say this: Adrien Brody may be my favorite living actor. His career thus far coupled with his recent choices thrill me. He is handsome and talented. The end!

    Great post BTW! Have you seen Hollywoodland?!?!

  4. POT!: Ha, he does look like him quite a bit! Ichabod Crain would make for a great porn name, wouldn't it?!

    He definitely has the chops and you know he will bring a sense of respect to his roles, something that is very important to the horror genre.

    Atroxin: Ha ha, my bad! His performance in The Village and the role he plays were essential to the emotional impact of that film and may be one of the biggest reasons I love it so much. *SPOILER!!* When he stabs Joaquin Phoenix's character was very powerful and shocking when I first saw it.

    And The Jacket is very underrated and I had no desire to watch it but this girl I worked with (who had good taste) kept telling me to check it out, and I was very surprised by how good it was for a number of reasons.

    His IMDB genre wise has been on the positive side, and I hope he keeps that needle moving with his upcoming movies.

    Christine: Thanks, Stine! Polley is great too and I also loved her in Dawn '04 (and GO!). She's always been such an indie chick, but it's nice to see her still pop up in bigger genre films here and there. She, as well as Brody, add a certain sense of credibility to Splice. Hopefully it is as solid as promised.

    I have lingered on adding Hollywoodland to my queue a few times, mostly because I have heard it was great and I love Diane Lane. Heck, I am in the minority, but I have always liked Affleck too. I'm guessing you're suggesting a viewing? Will do!

  5. Yes! Totally watch it! It's SO GOOD! Not to get your hopes up or anything ;-)

  6. Welp,

    I'm not going to be too quick to deem him a "horror icon" by any stretch. That may or may not come with time. Not even really a genre actor and I say that because the man has much more range, and I'm basing that on the opportunities he's had to cross genres every now and then.

    The first movie I remember him in was Liberty Heights which still stands as one of my favorite films ever.

    I saw the trailer for Predators and Splice when I went to go see that awful Elm Street remake and both look good but Predators got me amped! Looks like a decent premise along a similar vein to the Ah-nawld! original with some interesting twists... besides it being just more than one predator. I mean we got that in Alien vs. Predator so we know there's more than one. Like Chewbacca except the CGI ones just don't compare to Peter Mayhew in a fur suit.

    Adrien has always been good with me. Yeah, what christine said...

  7. I totally agree, no CGI Chewy can compare to the old school Mayhew in a suit! Predators does look awesome and I hope it's half as good as the original was. Shit, even the sequel was decent, it's just the AVP films that sucked the cool out of the characters possibilities. Predators is the come back! I hope.

    As for Brody, he does have great range and works in many genres but he does seem to enjoy doing work in the horror genre, or at least he consistently come back to it. Even before The Piano, he was in the pseudo horror film Summer of Sam, which I actually like, plus, he was in Solo, with MVP!! So maybe not quite an icon yet, but he is building up a strong resume and hopefully he continues to do so.

    And I'll have to check out Liberty Heights...I'm not even sure if I've ever even heard of it.

  8. It would appear to be so, but I cant tell you why. I think hes mediocre and forgettable at best. Already forgot he was in KING KONG! He better bring the awesome in PREDATORS


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