Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Beard is Growing Closer…


Just a friendly little reminder that this coming Monday, May 24th, marks start of the Chuck Norris Ate My Blog Contest, a week long blogathon with the subject matter being that of mister Chuck Norris himself. If you are taking part, I cannot wait to see what you have in store, if you aren't taking part (send submissions to chucknorrisatemybaby (at) gmail (dot) com), then you should, if not for the reason that it will be a blast to honor the man that is the definition of honor. Also, there are all sorts of dope ass prizes to be won for those that do participate, so don't be a heel and miss out on the coolest thing since mesh cut off tee-shirts!

More details come with the click of your cursor…


  1. I plan to take part in this but because the film I have selected is Chuck sans beard (Breaker! Breaker!) I won't be eligible for any prizes. But that's copacetic with me.

  2. Damn, someone else thought the same are certainly eligible for prizes. I more or less meant that it had to be Norris related, and I often refer to him as the bearded one, thus the reason why I said it had to be bearded.

    Breaker! Breaker! is a great choice and one of my personal favorites that the "shaven" one has done. Can't wait to read your take on it!

  3. I've tracked down a copy of INVASION U.S.A., so my review will definitely be forthcoming. I also have an extra special Chuck Norris-related review that will be arriving as well - and it may or may not involve a gang of disaffected karate-trained youths and art by Steve Ditko.


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