Monday, May 31, 2010


That there is a fancy way of saying done, finished, it's all over. Of course, I would be referring to the wonderful Blogathon known as the Chuck Norris Ate My Blog Contest. I put my contribution up only ten minutes before the "deadline," even though I wrote it at the beginning of the week…I'm such a goof, aren't I? Luckily, mine doesn't count, or I would have won all three prize packs, but that might constitute as cheating? Anyways, I received a nice amount of submissions, which I will be sorting through and posting links to all of them here in a monster-mega-post very very soon. Shortly after that, my unbiased secret judge will be helping with picking the winners, which will be announced by the end of this week. Probably.

I have gotten more than enough submission to keep me from having even been able to read them all still, which is a great thing, so I will be playing a whole lot of catch up in the following days, while trying to keep up with my meditation and Kung-Fu exercises. I'm sure I will do this more than once, but I really want to thank everyone that took the time to write something for this bearded cause. Heck, some people even wrote multiple posts, which is nothing short of awesome if I do say so myself. So thanks again. You all are true baby eaters. Now, watch this clip until you get tired of it. Oh wait, you never will.

Special thanks to Paracinema, The Adventure Company and Wild Eye Releasing for providing some of the dope prizes for this massive contest.


  1. I love contests like this because they push me to move outside my comfort zone in regards to film, and really give a close look at something I would have otherwise ignored. The comparison has been made elsewhere, but we're all miners - trying to dig up gems for everyone to enjoy - and unless we all push back our internal boundaries we're bound to miss out.

  2. I wish I would've had the time to make a contribution to your awesome blogathon as I've got plenty to say about Missing in Action II, Silent Rage, An Eye for an Eye, and of course, The Octagon. Sadly I was too swamped but kudos for sponsoring even more Chuck Norris love than usual!

  3. I've enjoyed reading these submissions and look forward to your lordly judgement. Sorry I couldn't submit (that stupid thing called Life has been all in my face this week) but as it's still been a blast.

  4. Simon: I'm slowly but surely getting there!

    Doug: I agree 100%...there are so many times where I put some film off that is out of my comfort zone, only to FINALLY watch and be completely blown away in the end. I always end up thing "why the hell didn't I watch this a long time ago?!" In a way, it's nice to make those discoveries, they make you a stronger and more rounded film fan.

    Jeff: I would have loved to read your thoughts on anyone of those films, especially The Octagon! *Ninja are extinct-inct-inct* You can make it up by doing Silent Rage for 1982 Summer Shocks!

    Emily: Ha, every time I read another one, I think that it should be a winner...not gonna be an easy couple of picks, I'll tell you that much. And I am very disappointed you didn't do a post, only because I was totally expecting you to so Sidekicks for some odd reason. You still should!


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