Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Before I get into this week's anemic Hangover, I want to wish my lovely and magical girlfriend, Liz, a happy birthday. Today she turns *cough-cough* years-old, so lets send well wishes her way, on this, her very special day.

Okay, first up we have an early bird special of Idiocracy (2006) over at Comedy Central at 9:30. Comedy Central is probably not the place to watch this great follow up to Mike Judge's cult classic, Office Space, as it will be censored and sh*t. However, it is a film that people should check out, as it's a very brilliant and witty commentary on the regression of society to the point of stupid, due to commercialism, television, the internet, etc... Idiocracy is a much smarter film than it appears to be and definitely worth an early morning viewing for the person who drank them self stupid the night before.

Following Idiocracy, Comedy Central keeps the laughs rolling with Hot Fuzz (2007) at 11:30. Hot Fuzz has made more than one appearance on the Hangover, so it's safe to say that it is worth a few hours of your hard hung time.

Over at AMC, things get a little tight around the crotch with Superman (1978) at Noon. What can I say about Superman outside of it being a classic and one of my childhood favorites? Need I say anything at all? I am a huge fan of Superman in all of his incarnations, even the most recent and poorly received Superman Returns, so nothing is much better than an afternoon spent with the Man of Steel. Well, as long as he's not the Man of Steel that rocks a five o'clock shadow and breaks liquor bottles with peanuts.

It doesn't stop there folks, as AMC keeps the cape on with Superman II The Richard Donner Cut at 3:30. There was a day in my adult life when I realized that Superman II was not as good as it was to me as a young man, and that day was a sad one indeed. The only thing that could rectify that sadness, was to see the Richard Donner cut of Superman II. While it's very obvious that the added scenes are not polished like the rest of the film, they, along with some omissions, make Superman II a sequel worthy of the first film. Easily my pick of the week.

Already at the end of the Hangover and we are heading back to 1:00 when The Craft (1996) is playing on E! I always liked The Craft, and I thought I would have no problem with including it on the Hangover, but after watching this trailer, I wonder if I still like The Craft, and should I be a little embarrassed that I ever did? I don't know for sure, but I would love for you all to enlighten me with your thoughts…vagina, or not.

That about does it for this week…hope you all have a solid Sunday!


  1. Whether it makes me a loser or not, I love The Craft - but maybe cause I always had that bitch from the 10th grade in mind when Nancy finally gets hers in the final reel. Hag!
    Anyway, I've watched the hell out of that movie.

    *And Happy Birthday to your Liz;)

  2. Seems like you got a very nice line up here. I think you should feel at least a LITTLE embarrassed for liking The Craft. It really didn't do much for me in the truest sense of the phrase. Just kind of played on the television until I remembered to breathe. And I say this as a proud member of the group who has a vagina.

    P.S. The Frankenstein Bloody Terror feature is up on my blog. I'd love for you to tell me what you think of it. Happy Birthday to Liz!

  3. C-note: She thanks you!

    I have not seen The Craft in a long time, but I did see it a handful of times and I always liked it. Not really sure why, but I wonder if I would dislike it now if I saw it.

    That trailer makes me cringe with a pain only found in late 90's bad theatrical teen horror! Maybe it is good, though, and the only way to find out is to watch it again. I smell sleepover!

    Joe: Your words are deep as is your vag, Joe!

    I tried to check out your Frankenstein thingy and I don't see anything there. The only thing I see is the introductory post beforehand, then it says Bad Issue in red, then your blogger profile? No comic styled shenanigans, or even a place to comment? I am not sure if I'm crazy?! I look to you for guidance!

  4. Best hangover picture yet..and so suiting of your blog.

    Love Idiocracy...I was one of the 18 people who saw it in theatres when it first came out.

  5. Once again, I totally missed your HH in the morning, but I still find it a thoroughly enjoyable read. Three main points:

    1. Superman 2 was always my favorite as a kid, mostly because I think I was born with a crush on Terence Stamp. I'd still love to see the Donnor cut though.

    2. Idiocracy is indeed one of the best film satires of all time. I find myself instantly calling screenshots to mind whenever incredible acts of stupidity or overwhelming fertility occur around me.

    3. I love The Craft, and I too hope that isn't just because I was about 14 when this came out and did indeed attempt to duplicate all the actions in the film with friends. We even had black skirt day! That being said, I think it's a decent high school outcast film that holds up well enough.

  6. Becky: You got to see it in theaters?! I think it only played in something like 18 theaters, so lucky you are! Some girl I know let me borrow it, saying it was great. I had no interest but watched it anyways, and I was completely surprised by how great it was.

    Emily: Kneel before Zod!

    You definitely have to see the Donner's crazy how the studio took that film away from him and gave it to some chump they could bully. You can see a vast difference in the maturity of the two films. I did watch Superman III for a little bit last night, and that does not hold up very well from childhood!

    As for The Craft, seeing as that film came out at a time when a lot of shitty horror movies were coming out, and I recognized them for their shittiness, I would more than likely have hated it if it sucked.

  7. Hmm that's very strange. It comes up on my computer just fine and others have told me they see it without any trouble. I don't know if it'll make a difference, but here's the direct link:

    Hopefully that one works. May the Schwartz be with you!

  8. I didn't want to bring up Superman 3 because 1) I'm embarrassed to have really liked it as a kid and 2) those 41 seconds of robot rampage still freak me out

  9. P.S. First of all I'd like to apologize for using up your comment space!

    Secondly, I just noticed that the computer I'm currently using does the exact same thing you described when I pulled up the page on my blog. I think for some reason slightly older browsers may not be able to download all the pictures and what not. You definitely don't have to go out of your way to see it in that case. Keep up the great work here!

    P.P.S. My vag is deeper and more intimidating than Sharon Stone's in "Basic Instinct."

  10. Emily: I used to love it too, but it is pretty awful now. Also, I too was deathly afraid of robot monster lady so much when I was a kid! I watched that part, incidentally, and I can see why it was scary to a kid, but I can also see why that franchise went south like it did too.

    Joe: Don't worry about the makes the blog look more popular than it is!

    Yeah, I use Chrome, and I tried to to look at it with that and my old internet explorer with no luck whatsoever. I'll try and figure out a way to check it out, but you should look into why it is happening. If it happens to us, it may be happening to other people too, and you want as many people to see your stuff as possible!

  11. Damn, does that put a damper on things. I hope I can find out what's wrong with it. I really appreciate your support. I don't write this crap just to pleasure myself. I want to pleasure as many people as I can!

    Okay, so maybe I do self-indulge every now and then...

  12. Heh, I try and attain both at the same time if I can! I would just look around the interwebs for the problem...I can guarantee that someone else has had the same issue and posted a solution somewhere. Good luck!


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