Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Dennis Hopper


A madman's cinematic reign comes to sad end, and even though it was inevitable, it still lessens the blow none whatsoever. Dennis Hopper's battle with prostate cancer was long lasting, but his career and impact on screen outlasted any illness that would become him. Hopper was a true original, he lived his life his way and by his rules, and that is something that translated to his films and his performances…never will there be anyone quite like him. You will be missed Dennis Hopper, and even though you were in the Super Mario Bros. movie, you're still the man, man.


  1. Jo and I mentioned your blog on our podcast this week, in reference to this small dennis hopper post! The more I read of your blog though, the more I realie I should read it more often!

    Great stuff!


  2. Awesome, thanks for letting me know, Simon! I checked it out and I found the show pretty interesting...I'll check it out in the future for sure.


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