Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Babble: Issue 9 From Outer Space


I have an XTREME triple dose of Paracinema madness for you all today! First, I posted a review of the 1962 horror classic, Carnival of Souls, which you can read at Paracinema…The Blog. Head over and check out what I thought of the film and if I myself consider it a classic or not.

Click here to read!

Before you take off to read that sick review of Carnival of Souls, I have another nice and warm slice of greatness to serve you today. There is a brand new issue of Paracinema on the horizon, issue 9 to be exact and it promises to pound a whole lot of awesome into your noggin. That should be clear by the dope cover art. Some of the features in this newest issue include:


In Space, What You (Almost) Hear is Ka-ching!: The Genius Film Marketing and Knuckleheaded Toy Merchandising of Alien
by Todd Garbarini

The Death and Life of Cinema: An interview with Joe Dante
by Brian Saur

Emanuelle, Transnationality and the Cannibalisation of Cultures
by Ben Buckingham

How Hannibal Lecter Helped me Through a Difficult Time in my Life
by Jessie Robie

Australia’s Hollywood Pioneers and those who followed
by Bruce J. Patience

Devastating Color: Horror and magic in Herschell Gordon Lewis’s The Wizard of Gore
by Madelon Hoedt

And that is just the beginning of all the greatness that will be found in issue 9!

That's not all I got for ya today kiddies…on an extra incredible side note, if you pre-order this new issue between now and April 18th, you will be entered to win one of FIVE copies of James Gracey's upcoming book, Dario Argento! Now, that is truly XTREME beyond all that is known to man and you would be cah-razy to miss out on the magazine, as well as the chance to win a book you should buy anyways!

ArgentoClick da link to pre-order!


  1. I honestly feel like yelling 'Yee Ha!' over this.

  2. I second that yee ha with a whoo-hoo!

  3. If I've said it once, I've said it a BAJILLION times...
    You are too good to us!

  4. I'm going to start calling you Iceburg Slim, cuz you sure do know how to pimp!

  5. Emily: And I third that with a wha-WHAT!

    Christine: Right back at you, stine! You know I got your back!

    Dyl: I keep my hoes in check! You should join my stable...


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