Friday, April 23, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night dance Party!: Kicking and Screaming Edition!


I always have a crate full of videos to be randomly picked from each week for this little segment known as Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party, and tonight's has been in that crate all the way at the very bottom for some time. If there is one thing this video doesn't make me want to do, it's dance, rather, it makes me want to leave my computer, go outside, and scream at babies in frustration with how bad it is. Go ahead, click play, and within 20 seconds, you too will want to Scream!   

This aptly titled song, Scream, was performed by Master P and featured Silkk the Shocker for the 1997 sequel, Scream 2. There really isn't much to find out about this track and my effort past wiki is no more than scrolling down the goggle page. I would assume that both P and Silkk wrote the song, but in the end, who cares? I personally cannot stand Master P and consider him to be one of those people who, in his heyday, was everything that was wrong with Hip-Hop and music in general. He's faded out, thankfully, but his obnoxious legacy still irritates me, thus, my slight ranting. His catchphrase was Uhhhhh, for crying out loud! It's more like Ughhhh.

I generally do not use videos for songs or artists that I dislike, but in the spirit of what this segment is all about, videos like this one do need to be acknowledged every so often. In one way, part of me is happy to see a video like this as it's somewhat recent and music/horror movie intergraded music videos are not as common as they were back in the day. However, the lack of the Ghostface character picking up the mic shows that the 80's did OST music videos the best. As for the film itself, Scream 2 is okay, though I have not seen it in many years. I was initially disappointed in it when it came out, but it cannot be any worse than the third film.


  1. Uhhhhhhh, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah....Its Fridizay, time to bust a move....No alcohol for me this week though. Drank enough in Vegas last weekend to choke a donkey.

  2. Are you telling me that you took in a donkey show while in Vegas?! I kinda figured you would be toast after last weekend, but I would gather it was all worth it! Hope you had fun...with the donkey!

  3. I've grown to like Scream 2 a little more over the years...EXCEPT for the opening,I hate that whole segment.

  4. I was never a fan of Master P's either, and I remember avoiding this song like the plague (I had this soundtrack at one time). It's kinda weird because I just watched Scream 2 again just a couple of days ago. For the most part I think it still holds up and is a good sequel. But I forgot about the part where Jerry O'Connell "serenades" Neve Campbell with his rendition of "I Think I Love You"--yikes, that scene was truly cheesy! Anyway, I am curious to see what direction the series will take in Part 4.

  5. Erik: I read the write up you did for Scream 2 a few days ago and agree about that beginning. It's pretty awful, especially when you compare it to what was done with that amazing opening in the first film.

    Dorian: I forgot about that scene too and I remember squirming in my set in the theater when that scene happened. I'm pretty indifferent to Scream 4...part of me could care less, but I think that is only to keep me from having my feelings hurt if it blows!

    At one point, I was so in love with the first film, even saw it SIX TIMES in the theaters! Over the years, my love of it has dwindled and I'm not sure if that's due to the overkill of seeing it as much as I did, or if it just doesn't hold up. Guess we'll wait and see how it turns out...I would love if it was great!

  6. The sad thing about this is, the rest of the soundtrack is extremely decent. I forget which song prompted me to purchase it so many moons ago but I was glad I did. Because that Master P song and him (you are spot on) being everything wrong with hip-hop during that time made me wanna go Columbine on those sheep peers of mine yelling "Uhhhhh" in the hallways!

    This song is utter intelligible noise pollution that everything in the porcelain throne after a night of deep fried foods. Infants banging on xylophones make better producers than this drivel.

    Scream 2 was definately passable. Star overload as to be expected but the medium between the decent first installment and the third that should've never been made.

  7. It's one of those OST's that encapsulates that are in music, that's for sure and a little Nick Cave is always a good thing too.

    As for Master P, your description of non-eaten babies on xylophones and deep fried day after poop is more than spot on! It's always discouraging to see someone become successful with such drivel, when there is so many great artist out there that get no love.


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