Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers!


Here we go again with yet another fabulous set of trailers that are sure to pique your interest in one way or another. Unless you accidentally stumbled upon this site while looking for something to make syrup to, in that case, you probably don't care at all. I don't blame you.

Moving on… 

First up is a trailer for Splice, a film about two scientists who create something a little more than they expected when playing with human and animal DNA. This trailer starts off a little hokey, but by the end, it looks like it could be a pretty cool little horror film in the vein of Species, only better. Hopefully. One positive thing about Splice is it's helmed by Vincenzo Natali who directed one of the best horror films of the 90's with Cube, so we'll see if he can do something solid with this one.

Next trailer I got for you is for The Mechanic, which is a remake of the fantastic 1972 Charles Bronson, Jan-Michael Vincent hit-man film. While it would be very hard to live up to the original, if any man in film is worthy of playing a role once played by Bronson, it's Statham, though they are about as different as you can get in every way. And in all honesty, it's Statham that has me interested in giving this one a shot since I have a bit of a completely straight man crush on him. However, Ben Foster does not help this film at all and hopefully he can subdue his overacting for one fucking moment in his life.

This next trailer is for Alexandre Aja's much anticipated and long in the works, Piranha 3D. I have no reason to go over this one as you know about the movie already, but seeing this first teaser, I am pretty underwhelmed. Piranha 3D looks decent enough, but the second the titular antagonists are shown, I am completely flabbergasted with how shitty they look. I mean, this is a film that is going to be wearing it's cheese firmly on it's sleeve, but the piranha effects are not where you want to get that feel from. Sorry, SyFy already has that covered and it's never a good thing when a film has bad CGI creatures no matter what film it is. I have a really bad feeling about this one after seeing the trailer and my anticipation for the film just went into the toilet. Plop. 

(My apologies about the video and the ad at the beginning – apparently, Piranha 3D is so important that embedding is disabled on You Tube.)

Now, this last trailer makes up for the let down of Piranha by keeping shit real! Burning Bright (aka Ravenous) is one I have been excited for since hearing the insane premise, which is about a young girl and her autistic brother getting trapped in their house during a hurricane. Doesn't sound too bad, I know, but they aren't trapped in the house alone, instead, they are trapped with a ravenous tiger! Now that's what I am talking about! This movie looks awesome and cool and tight and bad-nasty and sick and wicked and dope and badass and rad and phat and and and… *passes out*

Sorry, I had a tiger trapped in a house film breakdown for a second, forgive me. Check out the trailer and get ready for your breakdown! 

And on that high note, I leave you, but not for long as I will be back ASAP to hold and love you the way that you would want to be held and loved.


  1. Piranha 3D makes me so, so sad. I watched the trailer last night and was left wishing my VHS copy hadn't been devoured by a rogue VCR a couple years back.

    But, man, were you ever right. Burning Bright definitely makes up for it. As always, thanks for the heads up on some cool looking films!

  2. No problem! I had seen a photo and heard the synopsis for Burning Bright some time back and knew I had to see it! I hope it's as fun as it looks!

    I actually just re-watched Piranha a few months back...I have that Roger Corman Presents DVD release of the film and it's still a lot of fun. This remake really has me wishing they went with a slightly more realistic approach, at least with the piranha that is. We'll see.

  3. BURNING BRIGHT looks darn interesting.

    Trapped in my house with a tiger? The only thing I can think of that is worse is being trapped in my house with my relatives...

  4. Ha, right?! Or trapped at work past your scheduled time. I'd rather the tiger in that case!

  5. Burning Bright, like, Home Alone Tigers on a Plane style?

    And don't you think Species not only raised the bar but set it? None others shant meet the greatness of its predecessor!

  6. "Home Alone Tigers on a Plane" Exactly! But hopefully where films like Snakes (or even this new Piranha film) are a little on purpose cheesy even outside of their premise, Burning Bright will take an out there idea and play it straight.

    I haven't seen Species probably since it came out on VHS and I did find it to be a disappointed when I initially watched it, but I thought it was more than serviceable. It has an awesome cast and I can watch Natasha Henstridge all day. I would love to see all of the films again at some point, though.

  7. Splice looks interesting. It's making me thing twice about wanting a clone of a 'particular' celebrity. (Hehehe snort.)

  8. Heh, it might still be worth it, no?! I got a list of celebs I wouldn't mind cloning for my own personal needs!

  9. Its not enough that the brother is autistic. Its not enough that theres a hurricane. There has to be a tiger. A ravenous tiger. Awesome. I cant wait to see this one, hadnt even heard of it man

  10. You really cannot beat it! Only thing missing is Ninja!


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