Monday, April 26, 2010

CNAMB Presents: Monster of the Week!

Hey, remember this segment?! It sure has been a while since I've done a Monster of the Week…maybe I should change the name to Monster of the Quarterly! Aww jeez, just how silly would that be?! Not that I ever really did Monster of the Week every week per say, but it has been far too long since I have done one, so for that, I apologize. So, in it's long overdue return to what will hopefully be a more normal rotation, I have what would be an interesting monster for this edition of Monster of the Week. This is a creature that draws mixed reviews from horror fans for it's celluloid incarnation, but for me, it is a monster that scared the corn right out of my ass when I was a kid and one that I still have a soft spot for.

Alright, lets get this long overdue show on the road and introduce our Monster of the Week… 

Rawhead Rex!


Rawhead Rex is a monster to be reckoned with – this massive madman has appeared in print, film, and even a handful of graphic novels. My first introduction to Rawhead Rex came via the 1986 film adaptation of the short story from Clive Barker's third volume in the Books of Blood series. So, while some may say the movie is awful (including Barker himself), at the time I saw it, it was pretty damned scary, mostly due to how monstrous and toothy Rawhead was. Plus, the Ireland setting is a fantastic one and there is a very appealing and natural atmosphere about the film due to it's dark and gloomy setting. Granted, I was pretty young when I saw the movie, so that of course factors heavily into my fear of the creature quite heavily.

Now, whether or not I enjoy the movie, I know it's not all that great, something that came to me when I first read the short story some years back and was blown away by how good it was in comparison to the film. However, even as I read the story, all I could think was how difficult a story it is to translate to screen, mostly due to the inner thoughts of Rawhead himself. Anyways, the film is not a good one, but it is a fun one for being cheesy and completely out there (that baptism scene?!), and you gotta love that big dopey Rex with his crossed glowing red eyes and intense fear of the female flow.    

I really wish Rawhead Rex would see a rerelease on DVD again someday. Lions Gate Home Entertainment owns the license, but still no plans are in place for a release, which is unfortunate. Either way, I still love me some Rawhead (wait, what did I just type?) and I think he makes for an interesting and fun return to Monster of the Week! 


  1. Yup, the film Rex reminded me of something you'd buy in that 'monster' corner of Spencer Gifts. Kind of adorable actually.

    What I love about the story is the blatant symbolism, essentially making a monster out of a giant penis. It's super.

  2. Yeah, Rex is released from his prison which doubles as a giant dildo! The sexual aspects of the story did not translate well to the film, but it does seem like mixing the undertones of the story with a monster movie wouldn't work either way.

    And I agree, Rex is kind of adorable in a way and that must be due to the slightly dumb look he has on his face!

  3. Had this great comment now lost to memory and a bad connection.

    All to say I have no clue how this film escaped me.

    Piss on this! This comment is so not as good as the one I had!

    Great creature though...

  4. Ha ha...being that I comment on a good number of blogs, I know the frustration of losing a good comment! I tend to leave one while juggling tabs, only to exit out of that tab without realizing I didn't do the stupid keyword thingy! By that point, I give up!

    And yeah, Rex is so cheap and cheesy looking, but damn if he isn't a cool monster still!

  5. Eff those word verifications! They have been the death of many a kernal of my wisdom.

    I'd also say the same for the dreaded 'subscribe' option which I oft foret, leaving me to sound like an absentee commenter who merely disposes of her sperm then deadbeats her way home.

  6. Yes, your sperm collection is more than welcome here, Emily!

    There have been times where I would go back to the blog to see if there was a response, only to not see the comment I left! That's when you realize you forgot to do something right!

  7. Agreed, terrible movie but awesome monster! Never read the Barker story, would love to see a remake with a bigger, badder monster

  8. Oh, hell yeah is Rawhead Rex the perfect movie for a remake! You should check out the story if you ever find the time, Carl. It's a pretty short and quick read, but a very good one!


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