Friday, April 16, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: HOLY Shit Edition!


Yes yes y'all, you don't stop, Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party, ROCK ON! Now, how's that for a start to the evening?! Yeah, I think you're ready to step into a world filled with sick moves and grimy grooves, and nothing says grimy like today's kickin' clip, which delivers the offensive goods by the bucket load. Before we get started, I want you to know that I won't tell you what to say, nor will I tell you what to do, but the only thing I ask of you, is to get ready to move to this rocking tune. As for me, I'll join you when I'm good and ready, because, You Don't Own Me!

Written by John Madara and Dave White Tricker, You Don't Own Me was performed in 1964 by the uncompromisable, Lesley Gore. I don't know what it is, but I have always loved the girl group music of the 60's and You Don't Own Me is just a fantastic and slightly haunting song that blows away 97% of the female driven pop music of today. That was a time when female singers gained fame with their talent and ballsy take-no-shit attitude, not facade. There were no Auto-Tunes, or over-the-top music videos and fashion sensibilities, just some bitchin' ladies on stage, singing their hearts out about shit that mattered to them.

Okay, now that I'm done jabbing about my mom's music, lets talk about the film, shall we?! Released in 2000, The Convent is directed by Mike Mendez, who later went on to direct The Gravedancers, which was one of the better entries in the very first edition of After Dark's 8 Films to Die For. This opening is a ka-razy way to start off a movie and the use of You Don't Own Me just totally puts it over the top in the awesome department. I wouldn't say the rest of the film lives up to that wild opening, but The Convent is a solid and very entertaining little horror flick that is filled with a lot of creativity on a short budget and also has some spot on humor. In addition, you get an older, but still very yummy, Adrian Barbeau on a motorcycle. She can lead my pack anytime.


  1. I am officially 81% cooler after watching that clip. Thank you.

  2. Is that also Coolio I spy? Whatever happened to that dude?

    Tonight's an especially great Dance Party because I'm going to Vegas for my bachelor party. I hope I survive.

  3. Coolio makes the film seem random to me. Watchable, yet random. Like Busta Rhymes in a Halloween flick. What up wit dat?!

    And the chick in me loves The First Wives Club version of the song as well.

  4. Emily: So now you are 81% cooler than 100% cool, making you 181% cool! You cannot argue with the math!

    POT: Ha, Coolio's gonna be at you bachelor party working as the bouncer for the striper that is hired for your hotel room! Hope you have a blast and I want to see photos!

    Ashlee: Coolio's presence isn't as distracting as Busta's in Halloween 8, mostly because The Convent is as much a comedy as it is a horror flick. It's a fun movie and worth checking out at some point...kind of similar to Night of the Demons, but more aware that it's being funny.

    And no matter how much I love the song, I still can't do the First Wives Club! Bette Midler, blech!

  5. Dude were was my sweet ass cover art when I bought the DVD?? That one roxxors the face off of the R1 release cover. Great call for tonights pick, definitely set the mood for the entire film!

  6. I know! I have that shitty cover too and when I was looking for an OST photo, with no luck unsurprisingly, I saw this one and thought it was much cooler. Based off the Spanish writing, it much be a Spanish release. I'm so observant, aren't I?!

  7. Love The Convent. 'My brother's gonna be the new Anti-Christ?! Mom's gonna be pissed!'

  8. Ha ha, those two dudes do a pretty funny commentary track on the DVD in character!


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