Friday, April 30, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! And the Nightmare Continues…Edition!

freddy1 Hello all you jumpin' and jivin' dance machines! Glad you could make it out tonight to enjoy some fine ass jams at the hottest place in town…Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! As some of you may know, there is a brand spanking new Nightmare film making it's way into multiplexes. Of course, it is a remake, but it's still a Nightmare film and the character in this Nightmare film goes by the name Krueger – Fred Krueger. Considering this is Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party, the need to acknowledge it is kind of important, whether or not the actor is Mr. Englund.

When I started doing this segment, it was meant to be what it is now, a place where I can post great official music videos from horror/cult movies, awesome musical dance scenes from films that are of my liking, and anything that I may find fun and entertaining. Now, while the name Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party might be a catchy one (or, at least that was what I was hoping!), that catchiness is not the reason for the segments name.

freddyOut of all of the monsters, all of them, Freddy Krueger is my favorite of the bunch. He is the one that I grew up on, and while my favorite horror movie might star his rival, Michael Myers, it is Krueger that holds a massive chunk of my horror loving black heart. While some of the things I love him for are out of youth and nostalgia, he is the monster that represents everything that this segment is. I mean, look at the major amount of content I pulled from the Nightmare films for so many of these dance parties in the beginning! He was the definition of a rock star, or a rap star, or whatever style he so chose to take on. 

Friday Night Dance Party!Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party was inspired by wanting to have a fun open ended place to get down and show some clips that I find worthy of our time and attention. In that same vein, it is in honor of a monster that is the one that I grew up on, the one that produced movies that, while not necessarily all great, are a part of my childhood and what shaped my young horror mind. Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party is in essence, a tribute to Fred Krueger, so whether or not this new Nightmare is going to suck…I am still happy to see Freddy making it back to the celluloid form.        

I've been doing this segment almost as long as I've done this blog (which really isn't all that long) and the Nightmare inspired videos I have saved for the Dance Party are almost completely dried up. I am holding on to the few I have for special occasions and the ones I have would be in line with the Nightmare films of old, thus my reason for going with this completely insane non visual audio clip. It's called Freddy Krueger Rap and while it is about the Fred that haunted pre-remake, it is about the monster specifically, which I thought would be most fitting with the new film coming out.

Check it out, son! 


There isn't much to learn about this Freddy rap, outside of it being brought to us via some dude named Jiggerbean. Whatever, it's a totally fun little rap and what Mr. Jiggerbaen says about this track on his You Tube page is, by the end of recording it, he was hammered, which is noticeable in the song and makes for a good chuckle. Drunk or not, the lyrics are hysterical and every second of it is pure gold. My favorite line is about Jason and his machete, being chopped up like spaghetti! 

Anywho, I hope I didn't bore you with all the useless info I spilled all up on your monitors, but I wanted to explain my love for the character of Krueger and why he is the influence of what is a staple of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. Hope you dug the Freddy rap and hope that new Nightmare film is decent, though, I have heard some pretty bad things…sigh.


  1. Booyah! Can't wait to see NOES this weekend.

  2. Here, here, brother.

    I am well aware some pop culture elements/films inspired by Freddy suck and suck serious prison ass but it's all about the memories man... all about the memories...

    I love this segment and glad you're inspired to keep it a staple in your blogosphere.

    And what other horror icon could inspire as many raps as Freddy has? They're all so bad, they're good!

    Wish me luck on tonight's Elm Street outing.

  3. POT: Me too, but unfortunately, I am hearing some really bad stuff about it. At least my expectations will be as low as possible!

    Ash: Yuck, prison ass is about as swampy as it gets! But yeah, that's what it's all about for me with Krueger and the Nightmare legacy. The influence it had on me as a curious about horror kid and my memories are plentiful.

    Hope you enjoy the remake and I look forward to your thoughts!

  4. Haha, great post dude, enjoyed this one immensely. As soon as I saw Krueger, my heart jumped. I remember being scared silly from this movie but now it's just an exhilerating thrill to watch it all over again. Even the theme music in the Freddy Rap takes me back.
    Keep the old stuff alive! Its great to see :) He's still holding up to influence people for years to come. Freddy just doesn't die!

    April Skye xx

  5. Thanks, April! Freddy is certainly eternal and maybe the most influential monster and series of all the horror slashers of that time. Even if the new films does eat it hard, at least it will generate interest in the older films to keep them and old school Krueger in the lime light.

  6. You really did save the best for last though, love the Freddy rap =D

  7. It's so funny and bad that it's hard not to love! I do have two more Freddy related videos in the vault, but will save those for when the time is right!


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