Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wrasslin' Bears

Considering the source of this blog's name, along with my intense love for the man and what he means to film fans such as myself, there has sadly been little-to-no Chuck Norris action on this blog. That is, until now. How, or why I never knew about this clip until I accidentally stumbled upon it recently, is beyond me, as this clip is the literal definition of gold. Shit, it just might be platinum. Like my fronts.
As you can tell from the title of the You Tube clip that I have provided below, it's Chuck Norris vs. a bear, as in, a bear that lives in the woods and eat bitch asses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Luckily, Chuck ain't no mark-ass buster, so this furry fool is in for the fight of it's life. Let's see how this unfolds…

Phenomenal, right?! I cannot help but wonder if the bear is thinking, "bad idea," after shit starts to get hectic and Norris' beard fluffs up as he goes into full-on defense mode. There are a few moments there, where it's not even totally clear as to whom the bear is, then again, Norris is technically a bear, just not the kind that eats porridge and shit. Even Chuck's fine ass dime piece gets a little thrown for a loop, as she picks up this fucking branch and then just stands there, trying to figure out which furry bastard to hit. It would have been great if Chuck and the bear would both be yelling to the girl "Hit him, he's the bear!" "No, I'm Chuck, hit him!"

Now, there are a few key moments in this video, one which comes at 25 seconds and the other, at 47 seconds. However, while the 25 second mark is amazing, it's at 47 seconds where you will witness the greatest moment to ever happen in all the history of celluloid. Go ahead, go back and re-watch the clip just to see those moments again…totally worth it. I could watch this video on a loop for the next 20 years, complete with a colostomy bag, and one of those helmets that hold beer cans.


  1. Chuck Norris: The Bear Whisperer. On Animal Planet.

    For a second there, the bear really thought he stood a chance...sad really.

  2. When Walker: Texas Ranger was on the air I never watched it because I didn't want to see one of my favorite action icons slumming it on what I assumed was a half-ass TV show. What a dumb-ass I was - every clip I see of W:TR is always pure gold! I love the look that goes between Chuck and the bear at the end of this scene - where Chuck gives him the "you didn't know who you were fucking with, did you?" look. Classic!

  3. Rev: It is a bit sad knowing that the bear had absolutely no clue the mess he was getting into. One moment, you're trying to grab a bite to eat, the next, Chuck Norris is gut punching you mad hard!

    Jeff: And the look on the bear is one that is similar to someone who has just been raped! I used to watch Walker here and there back in the day and it certainly had it's moments as seen in this fantastic clip!

  4. It's you're use of slang that has me burnin' calories over the massive case of the chuckles...

    I'll admit, Walker: Texas Ranger was not a bad show. I caught a few eps and found it passable. Chuck Norris in many situations is indeed superman.

    Now, I feel like popping Sidekicks in the DVD player...

  5. That fade out in the end was my favorite. Wait. No. The amazing editing with the stunt double

  6. Ashlee: Ha, Sidekicks has that great scene when Brandis does his nunchaku demonstration, and he imagines himself as a white ninja! Classic!

    Carl: Heh, the bear is the one that needed a stunt double!

  7. This show sucks everytime Walker or even C.D. Parker belittles Trivette. Walker looks like a "shortie" cowboy, while Trivette is a tall stylish cowboy!


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