Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'd Buy That For A Dollar!

Well, it's been quite a while since I had to skip a Hangover, but there was almost nothing on TV worth mentioning this Sunday and I can only do as much as the schedule allows me. Sorry kiddos. I know just how important this segment is to all three of you, so I shall make it up by providing a couple of incredibly odd, but totally entertaining television commercials that I recently discovered. All three of these TV ads star a face that should be more than familiar to all of you, and that is the face of a certain officer of the law known as, RoboCop!

Enjoy the madness that is about to explode all up in your brain… 


So like, part of me wants to know what they're saying (in the ads), but deep down, I know the truth cannot be nearly as grand as what is in my mind. Then again, maybe it it is, but I'll never know and never do I desire to find out. Also, nothing says "buy noodles" like a character from a hyper violent sci-fi action flick directed by Paul Verhoeven. On top of that, nothing is more ironic than the character of RoboCop being used to promote consumerism. I guess a cop's salary must not be all that great in a dystopian Detroit if Murphy has to resort to sponsorships, but whatever puts baby food on the table I guess.


  1. lol thats all sorts of amazing, we can only assume that what is being said involves ninjas and giant monsters

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Matt...this has made my Sunday. The first and third commercials make me all kinds of happy, but the second kind of pisses me off because I feel they are yelling at me!!! lol

  3. Anytime I see RoboCop I...

    .1 Remember his partner was Aunt Pat in Poltergeist 3.

    .2 Hear the nintendo theme song in my head.

  4. Carl: That and hot adult women wearing school girl uniforms, because Japanese girls stay back in school a lot!

    Becky: You are very welcome! The good thing about the second commercial is the puffy outfits that the RoboCop look-a-likes are wearing! Otherwise, the first one is my favorite!

    Ashlee: Ha, thats' right, she was in Poltergeist 3! I need to see that one's been far too long and even though it isn't good, I still have love for it!

    Nancy Allen was the only one that was in all of the RoboCop films and she was also the super bitch from Carrie, the one that gets slapped by the gym teacher.

  5. Is it me or is Robocop on constantly these last few weeks?

    His poop taste like yogurt...good times.

  6. Yeah, his poop does taste like yogurt. No wonder I can't stop eating it! Love RoboCop!

  7. Ha, just came across this! Japanese commercials are fantastic! Some other memorable ones are the noodle commercials featuring arnold Schwarzennegar. Also Tommy Lee Jones regularly does Georgia coffee commercials in Japan, where he plays an alien disguised as a human and observes what people do on earth trying to blend in, and has an obsession for Georgia Coffee.

    1. I'm gonna have to look for those! Especially the Arnold ones.


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