Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Pat Swayze

With the sad news of Patrick Swayze passing away from a long battle with cancer, I thought it would be nice to revisit trailers for some of the movies that he was in - that doubled as movies that are just flat out kick ass, with many of them being childhood favorites of mine. This is quite the sad news...RIP.

The Outsiders


Black Dog

Point Break

Red Dawn


  1. Swayze was the bomb! Even when he was in a lousy movie like Black Dog, he'd make it fun to watch. He went way too soon.

  2. You must be talking about another movie called Black Dog, because this one is a masterpiece!

    He certainly brought something that few actors could to the screen...he was trully one of a kind. The pure fact that he could do a ballerina move in one scene and rip out an Adams apple in another, is something that few men can get away with.

  3. Yeah, he could've stuck to just romances after Dirty Dancing or action movies after Road House but he always mixed it up. And I shouldn't talk any shit about Black Dog, 'cause when I worked at Flix Video I used to have it on like every day!

  4. Black Dog is so one of those movies you can just have on when doing shit other than watching it!


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