Friday, September 25, 2009

Wish I Could Experience Some Paranormal Activity...

If you have been following the hot horror stories recently or more specifically today, you may have heard about the limited release of Paranormal Activity in theaters this weekend. If you are not aware of the movie, it is about a couple that decide to do a little of their own investigating (with the use of home video equipment) when they are experiencing some intense "Paranormal Activity" in their new home. The film is directed by Oren Peli and has gotten insanely positive reviews - the news over at Bloody Disgusting is 4,500 waited in one line alone to see their screening of the latest in independent vérité styled fright cinema. That is just crazy! And it gets me excited for the film as all of this will hopefully get some gears moving, and get it into more theaters! Paranormal Activity is a film I have been dying to see for what feels like forever and I hope it does make its way to a theater near me, though there isn't many cinemas down my end, there still could be a chance. One of the big marketing things has been the Demand It! strategy, where all you have to do is a little clicky click and enter your zip code and crap, hopefully resulting in the movie generating enough interest to play in your hood. Even if you do not want to see the film, it would be cool as ice if you did the Demand It! thing anyways, just to show some support for an independent horror film -'s up to YOU to take back horror in theaters!

Here is a link to the films website, along with a link to the Demand It! thing...this movie deserves more than a limited release, and if we learned one thing from The Blair Witch Project, there is plenty of room for low-budget creatively made horror in our cinemas. Lets make room for Paranormal Activity!


  1. I've alredy read reviews that were mostly positive but said it wasn't quite up to the hype but then again these are coming from die-hard horror fans who likely aren't going to be especially scared by any movie so it doesn't seem fair to complain that PA didn't get under their skin the way they'd hoped it would. I'll be looking forward to seeing it for myself. I just hope I don't have to wait until DVD.

  2. I signed the petition, Dallas is 4th on the list. I want to see this so bad i could pee myself. :sigh:

  3. Me too, Jeff - I would love to see this one in theaters for sure. I'm sure it will be effective for me as I am a little more welcoming to a film of this nature and people were the same way about Blair Witch, and that film is as scary as burning urine!

    Speaking of burning urine...I agree POT. My city has only one vote, can you guess who it is?! I may have to travel to see this one...if it makes it to any of the major cities that is. I would say that Dallas should be one of the cities to get it, especially if it's in the top 10 or 20!

  4. I just heard of this the other day - I can't wait to see it. I'm not sure if it will actually grace any cinemas in Belfast (I guess this will depend on how successful it is in the States) but judging by the trailer it looks like one of those films that might just prove more effective watching it in the quiet darkness of your own living room... Like I said, can't wait. ;)

  5. You may be right about the private and spookier confines of your own home being a better place to watch this movie, as opposed to being surrounded by a ton of morons on their cell phones!

    I have serious doubts that this will make it anywhere near me, but it did do really well in that first limited run and is being put out in more who knows!

    Thanks for dropping by James!

  6. Fingers crossed we both get to see it at some stage!

  7. I am not a fan of horror movies, but after reading this I think I should have seen this movie. Belfast Cinema.


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