Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Totally Tubular "Retro" Trailers! Jive Ass Turkey Edition!

There's nothing I love more than foreign rip-offs of American films, the Italians clearly did them best and brought a lot of flare and originality to the films they copied, but you gotta love the films from countries like Indonesia and the country of focus today, Turkey! I have compiled a handful of insanely entertaining clips and trailers for some of the more well known of the Turkish rip-offs. I would have to start things off with the Rambo rip-offs, as they may be the awesomest of the bunch. You will see a few recurring faces, namely, prominent Turkish film star Cüneyt Arkın and the Turkish Sylvester Stallone, Serdar Kebabçilar!

Turkish First Blood aka Vahsi Kan 1983

I just had to put a second clip for this film - they were both so kick-ass that it was way too hard to pick just one!

Rampage aka Korkusuz 1986

Turkish Star wars aka Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam 1982

Turkish Rocky aka Kara Simsek 1985

Turkish Superman aka Süpermen dönüyor 1979

Turkish E.T. aka Badi 1983


  1. I never get tired of those, hadnt seen the Turkish Superman one before somehow! My favorite has always been 3 Dev Adam, I always knew Spider-man was a dick

  2. I actually wanted to put that one on here, but I didn't want to put too many videos...I'm sure almost no one gets past the 3rd or 4th one! Plus, I had to put two of the First Blood clips up because they are both actually pretty cool! I am very happy that you enjoy such great trash, Carl...I knew you were a man with good taste like myself!


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