Friday, September 25, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Bring Your Daughter to the "Slaughter" Edition!

What up daaawg?! First off, I would hate to lead you astray with the title of this post, as the song Bring Your Daughter to the Slaaaaaaaugh-ter! is in fact a song written for a Nightmare film. In fact, it was originally recorded and released by a solo Bruce Dickinson for A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, but there was never a Nightmare themed video made for the song (bummer!), and as you will find out, the title of this post is more than fitting for our jammity jammy jam this fine Friday evening! And oh boy, this is the Friday to check out the hottest club in a 2 mile radius - Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!!! Whoop whoooo! Tonight's Dance Part-tay marks the big comeback of the one - the only - the always SKELE-TOOOOOONE! Ladies, ladies...please, keep your shirts on! I understand your excitement about Skele-tone's return, but save it for later! *cough*preferably when we're alone*cough* You know when dj Skele-tone is here, you will be shaking that tight little rear, and it looks to be no different dear, as he has brought with him a copy of Love Kills performed by glam gods, Vinnie Vincent Invasion!! Let's get this party started!

Oh great...who invited Ricky Rachtman?! There goes all our street cred!

Love Kills was released in 1988 by the Vinnie Vincent Invasion for their second album, All Systems Go, but more notably appeared on the soundtrack for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Vinnie Vincent Invasion consisted of band founder and former Kiss guitarist, Vinnie Vincent with Dana Strum on bass, Bobby Rock on drums, and after a changing of the metal god guard, Mark Slaughter (get it now?!) belting the vocals. I am very familiar with almost every video presented here at Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party, but Love Kills has for whatever reason, completely escaped my knowledge - though, that could partially be due to the video never being featured on any of the DVD releases.

I do dig this solid little rock ballad and the video is great too, being filled with some clips from the film intertwined with the rock! Also, it appears that the band is performing in the same church where Alice and Freddy have there face off at the end of Dream Master, or more famously, the place where Freddy screamed "It's a boy!" in Dream Child. Outside of the Nightmare clips, I was extremely pumped when I saw the Headbangers Ball logo...but the star is truly the band. I love how the video starts, with Mark (that's what I call him) walking around slowly, elegantly even, with the wind flowing through his gorgeous hair…wind caused by the power of his magical voice! I really do hope you stuck it out to the end of the video - it would be a shame for you to miss the guitarist as he decides to shred whilst wearing a Freddy glove, where he then proceeds to do an "Oh stop it!" motion at the camera. It is truly menacing, yet sexy! Moreover, I did see a windmill guitar move that was not relevant to the music all, and that is exactly why it rules.

Okay, I have more than exceeded my time here tonight, so let's get back to the dancin' and romancin'!'s the time to remove your shirts, cause I'm feeling a little frisky! And hopefully your feeling a little risky, as I am a breeding ground for STDs!! Hey...we're all about giving here at Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!


  1. i never thought mark slaughter could look gayer than he did in 'up all night' with his combination tank top/open vest

    he didnt branch out from the look of this video over the years - they loved that "band performing under bright lights in a factory" look

  2. Bruce Dickinson is the effing man. Bummer no vid made for that track.

    Now move out the way yo, POT is here to cut a rug. Now be careful, I've had one too many Midori Sours already so don't get testy. Wiki wiki wiki....

  3. Loaf: What are they doing in those factories anyway?! No one calls the cops on them for trespassing? Or maybe Mark mesmerizes them with his mane of hair and lack of bicep muscles!

    Pea OH Tea!! Dickinson is the man, but I think it's strange that he likes to sleep with his own child...Dick-in-son! Yeaooow! Pass me some dat Midori son! Shit is poppin'! that Dyl-dog up in here?!! Snap! If you stick around long enough, we can bring dez ladies up to my suite for a little R&R. Rub and ram!

  4. Hilariously, Vinnie was later kicked out of The Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and they became Slaughter. Repeat, HE WAS KICKED OUT OF HIS OWN SOLO PROJECT! But, he's supposed to be completely insane, so why not.

  5. Yo would have to be insane to be kicked out of your own band...if it were me, I would kick out the rest of the band!

    Thanks for all the comments, TD, you are bringing me back to some old ass dance parties, where the grammar was poor but the ladies were all ready to bone and shit!


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