Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back in the Lab Again

Wow...does a week and a half feel like an eternity when it's spent away from the services provided by my computer - I am beginning to get my bearings back, but I certainly missed a lot of movie news, trailers, and crap like that while doing the whole moving thing. Moving also made it a little difficult to make it out to the movies to see The Final Destination, but hopefully I will get the chance to peep it before it takes off into the "wait two months for DVD" limbo. I have heard some positive reviews along with the nice job TFD has done in the box office, especially in comparison to H2, which went straight to the crapper after the numerous terrible reviews and the continued strong showing of Inglourious Basterds and District 9. And that's another one that I have yet to see (District 9 I mean), but hope to before it's too late. Doesn't make it any easier with Sorority Row just coming out and getting decent reviews along with the release of the post apocalyptic animation film 9, a movie that I have been dying to see. Then there's Whiteout, another film that I'm really looking forward to watching, even though reviews have been a little on the whack side.

Oh woe is me, complaining about the over saturation of genre films that I'm interested in playing in theaters...whaaah! I'm not really complaining, but sometimes if I don't see a movie when it comes out theatrically, I won't see it for a very long time - so I try to see what I can at the cinema as far as stuff that looks or promises to be good. In the end, I am happy to see such an abundance of films that are worthy of Baby Eating and the few that I have seen have been quite good and done well money wise (save for H2), so I hope the trend keeps up. Probably not though.

As I said, I missed out on a ton of shit, and I have been scoping out the webs to find the stuff that I would think is most excellent as far as news and/or trailers. First of all, I am very eager to hear more about any news concerning an 8 disc box set of Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy. Some of my all time favorite films are in that trilogy, and while I have some proper releases of these movies already, this promises to be the definitive set of the master filmmaker’s revenge trilogy - with what I can only imagine will be super killer extras. You can check here for some very minor details, but this is the best news that I have heard since my little hiatus for sure.

Apparently, Victor Salva is working on getting a third installment of Jeepers Creepers off the ground. If everything comes together as planned, the film would be subtitled Cathedral and set 23 years after the events in the first movie while also bringing back Gina Phillips character, Trisha with her teenage son Darry, named after her brother that was snatched up in the first movie. I am certainly interested in another sequel, I really liked the first Jeepers Creepers, but the sequel was a disaster of epic proportions, on top of being a major disappointment with what was a good idea premise wise. However, I have heard of massive on set issues with namely a good portion of the cast not showing up for work and things of that nature. Though that may have been a factor, it's still not really much of an excuse for how many holes the films plot had. Jeepers Creepers 2 did decently in theaters, not sure if it was good enough to garner a theatrical release for a third film, but if it did come to fruition, it would be nice to see it in theaters.

Along my journeys, I strolled upon this teaser trailer for one of many Glass Eye Pix films that look to be promising, the movie is called Bitter Feast and is about a Chef that takes revenge on a food critic that gave his grub a bad review. Sounds like a fun little idea if executed properly, I do find it funny that Uber Chef, Mario Batali will actually be playing a character in the film, and I dig this simple and very fun little teaser that they put together here, which isn't surprising since this is the same company behind Hypothermia which had a teaser that I was raving about a few weeks ago.

Maybe the biggest surprise for me is this trailer for Solomon Kane that just plain looks amazing. Based off the pulp writings of Robert E. Howard, who is better known for creating Conan "the freaking" Barbarian, Solomon Kane looks to be along the lines of something like Van Helsing (if it didn't eat ass) meets Brotherhood of the Wolf. In my opinion, that is a very good thing. Check out the trailer stat!

Alrighty, that is enough catching up for now - it is nice to be somewhat caught up with a good majority of what is going on movie wise. Even better is the fact that I can get back to posting here regularly again. I do have some interesting things to say about my new surroundings movie wise, as I live in a very different area from before a few weeks ago, but that will be something I save for another day. Until then, always remember to cook all babies thoroughly as we are not responsible for any food born illness that you may encounter.


  1. Solomon Kane looks sick! Almost as sick as your new banner - nice work on that! My only worry with SK is that the main dude looks a little weak but I'm still excited to check it out. Glad you're finally settled in - can't wait to hear more about the new surroundings.

  2. I would love to take credit for the new banner, but that was my boy Dylan from Paracinema that put together that snazzy little thang up there! I'm happy that you dig it though!

    As for Solomon Kane's main dude, I thought Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in LOTR was going to be a little lame too, but he was more than awesome in those movies. So with that in the back of my mind, I will give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Either way, the movie looks so kick ass!

  3. Welcome back! I dig the new banner, by the way.

    Solomon Kane - It looks pretty sweet, I must say. Definitely get a slight Brotherhood of the Wolf vibe from it, and dude looks like a cross between Van Helsing and a vigilante pilgrim, but still. Looks bad-ass! Oh and is that Scott Ian from Anthrax on the left side of the screen at 0:43?

    Vengeance Trilogy Box Set? Yes please.

    Bitter Feast - I can totally picture Mario Batali in a horror flick. We can only hope that Mark Dacascos will be in it too.

    Jeepers Creepers - I'm stoked for a third installment as well. Part 2 sucked balls, but I loved part 1. So what if Victor Salva likes little boys? It's not like I wanna hang out with the guy. If he can shit out more stuff like the first Jeepers Creepers, then by all means. Well not ALL means, but you know what I mean. ;)

  4. Welcome back!
    A third Jeepers Creepers sounds pretty interesting as I dug both of the others... there's just some pocket in my heart for them, maybe because I watched them during the atmosphere of a Halloween night.

  5. Thanks guys! I am pumped to be back in action again!

    Aaron: Good call on the Scott Ian look alike! And it would be awesome if Dacascos was in Bitter Feast...I always thought Iron Chef should have a segment where he does some type martial arts demonstration. Maybe make some nunchucks out of Italian bread or some shit like that!

    That whole kid touching thing sure must be a nightmare for Salva, but it would be wrong to judge his film work based on his creepy personal preferences. I think celebrating Michael Jackson's music is fine, but celebrating the man just seems wrong. I think when Jeepers Creepers came out and did well at the box office, some people got all up in arms about it, but whatever, his movie has nothing to do with what he did. He did pay the price for it, so it should not interfere with his film making, which he is quite good at I might add.

    Ryne: Halloween night can always add to the awesomeness of any horror movie for sure! I am happy to hear others are excited for another film - like I said, the first JC was a great little horror movie that worked on two levels and the second had a ton of potential that just didn't pan out correctly. I thought the idea of the Creeper terrorizing a school bus full of kids was an awesome idea, but there was too many characters to follow, and once they got off the bus they lost track of most of the characters.

    It is great that Salva is still involved and getting the yummy Gina Phillips back is a big plus, so hopefully they can deliver something smart and scary. We'll hopefully see!

  6. I'm also constantly conflicted about Salva because I find Clownhouse to be such a fantastic little scary movie. At the same time, it's sickening to watch knowing what's going on with the main character, who plays a boy living in terror and yadda yadda yadda awkwardness. I'd actually love to see Salva get back to something with Clownhouse's pacing.

  7. You think you had it bad? We had to live on without you and or posts!! =D

    Never been a fan of the JC series, so he has a lot to prove on this next film to reel me back in

  8. thoughtless of me! I didn't even think how shitty it must have been to visit the site and have to continuously look at Michael Myers in that shitty Halloween movie!

    I like the first film a lot, but I know many horror fans aren't too big on the whole change from a road horror movie to a creature feature, and I can see that being an issue. Hopefully if there is a third one, it does deliver the goods!

    Thanks for being patient, Carl!


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