Friday, September 11, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Big Party in Little China Edition!

Hey there you crazy party animals! I am so very happy that you all have once again made it out this Friday for yet another edition of Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! Cue the awesomely fun confetti!! Oh, I got some in my eyes...tee hee! Now, I'm not all that thrilled about doing back to back dance parties (so bad for the liver), but with my access to the interwebs finally arriving today (hip hop hooray!) and it being Friday and all, I guess I'll just have to go ahead and bust out a few pills and open up a couple bottles of the old bubbly, because motownphilly's back again! So, the party must go on as they would say, and who better to crank out the hottest of beats but dj Skele-tone, who after a weeklong hiatus (aka rehab stint) is back in the modda fuckin' saddle! A week off from spinnin' dope beats has inspired Skele-tone to rock something a little different tonight, and I think you are gonna dance your ass off as a result! Come on over to the dance floor and get ready to move dat ass as dj Skele-tone "takes us away" to the super sounds of The Coupe de Villes and their song, Big Trouble in Little China!

Is that Andy Dick that just showed up? Well, that's just great. Hope he doesn't offer to blow me for coke. Again.

Clearly written for the movie of the same name, Big Trouble in Little China was performed and recorded in 1986 by The Coupe de Villes, a band spearheaded by the one and only John Carpenter and consisted of familiar Carpenter contributors Nick Castle, and Tommy Lee Wallace. This is one of the very few occasions that you will see Carpenter without a butt in his mouth, and who knew he had such a dope voice! I love watching Carpenter as he works hard doing some film editing whilst playing guitar and singing his heart out - shows that he is truly dedicated to the arts. My personal favorite is when Lo Pan shoots electricity out of his mouth, and right on through the monitor that Carpenter is playing in front of, but with the power of rock, John deflects the electricity to another scene in the film, keeping him and the rest of his band mates safe from electrical shock! By the way, what are those robes that J.C. is wearing?! Very Egyptian chic. I was waiting for him to start doing a Steve Martin/King Tut imitation! And yes, Nick Castle does look a lot like Adam Sandler in his nappy haired days.

Okay, I could go on and on about the great things in this video as it's one of my favorites, and I am thrilled that Skele-tone picked it out for this Friday's Dance Party. However, I got some serious drinkin' to do, and if I don't start dropping some Spanish fly in a few drinks soon, I aint gettin' laid tonight - then I would be forced to take up Andy Dick on his offer...never a good thing I might add. Have fun folks, and see you next week!

"Big Trouble in Little China may not be as great as Halloween, The Thing, or even Prince of Darkness, but I bet it still wasn't cheap to make. You could use payday loans to help fund your next movie or music video."


  1. Awesome pick, D Skele-tone! While I'm rocking out to the Coupe De Villes, I'm trying to imagine what would happen if a movie marketing exec tried to use a video like this to get the word out on their studio's big summer release today. "Hey, you know what's going to get the kids lining up for this film that we just sunk many millions of dollars into? How about a trio of middle-aged dudes jamming out? Yeah! By the way, how does unemployment sound to you? Wooo!!!"

  2. All that's missing is a starwipe.

    Currently debating if I am now sexually attracted to John Carpenter.

  3. Jeff: Maybe that explains the piss poor box office results of Big Trouble in theaters. Still, I am so happy they made this one though...I must have watched this video ten times since Skele-tone chose it for this week! So good!

    Emily: Your comments have destroyed me!

    A starwipe would be would go great with the black and white shots that are colored in with highlighters!

    And Carpenter is straight bangin'!

  4. Late to the party (again). Just got off a plane from VA to TX, mad weather problems yo! But that won't stop me from a Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! Don't stop to you get enough....pass the roofies....

  5. This party is tiiiiiight! Now who wants to do some whip-its???

  6. You know it's never too late to join in on da dance party P-O-T!! I can imagine how good that jet-lag will mix with a couple of hits off of Aaron's whip-its! You guys always bring da pain with every party!!

  7. Best. Song. Ever.
    I want to walk down the aisle to it!!

  8. Well, unlike Emily, I know for a fact that you know for a fact that you think Carpenter is straight bangin'! So I'm not surprised by you being down with this magical jam...but the song is so dope, I also would walk down the aisle to it, even though I'm a guy!


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