Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween? Did somebody say....Halloween?!

And so it begins - the yearly decorating for my favorite of holidays, Halloween! I'm super excited to be able to share some of my Halloween love with you all through Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, and I'm sure there will be more than a few posts concerning the subject of Ol' Hallow's Eve. In my first Halloween themed post, I thought I would share with you a couple of photos of my so far decorations! Here, at the front door of the ol' Baby Eating lair, I have put together a nice conglomeration of horror imagery with a couple of sick looking gravestones that I have had in my "possession" forever, a random skull and hand, along with my newest addition, the skull dude with cloak that I bought for a measly $10! In the window of the front door, you will notice an Eaten Baby skeleton just hanging around, along with some masterfully done spider webs! There will be more added to this as I will put some tight pumpkins going down the stairs for added awesome Halloween effect and I'm sure I will find something cool in stores to add - in any event, I think it looks quite nice so far!

One of the coolest things about the new Baby Eating lair is, there's a fireplace! And where there's a fireplace, there's a mantle for me to cover with Halloween goodies! It may be hard to see everything on the mantle, but I have the mummy dude and the three headed dude (or dudes?) that came from Yankee Candle thanks to the awesome, Lady-Suzaka. There is the skeleton faux candle holder that if you notice only has one light that is working...well, I've had that thing for about 16 years, but some of the other lights will all of the sudden start working from outta no it's possessed! So I don't replace them 'cause I'm weird like that. I love the glass pumpkin candy holder that we got a few years ago, but I had no candy to put in it yet, so I put a couple packages of Ramen noddles in there for the time being. I should point out, if you look closely, you will see the one and only Bruce Campbell and myself in that picture!

Alright, that is enough excitement outta me for now...I'm sure I will be back soon with some more Halloween love, but in the meantime, there are a few blogs that I will direct you to that love to share the Halloween wealth! The first one is Freddy in Space - Not just specifically a Halloween themed blog, as it is a horror blog in general, but John loves Halloween and often puts up some great and very fun posts concerning the Season of the Witch. Another one is, Frog on the Pumpkin - A full on Halloween themed blog filled with all sorts of haunts and scares for any Halloween fiend to enjoy and love! Any suggestions for good Halloween themed blogs, or if you have any good Halloween stories, please feel free to share them!


  1. Those truly are some masterfully done spider webs. I can tell from the picture.
    We here at Paracinema Central (LOL) don't decorate.
    Although last year we totally had an xmas tree!! awww

  2. This just made me giddy. At Big Lots this weekend, I bought a little jack-o-lantern candle holder which now sits on my work desk and is filled with chocolates wrapped like eyeballs. It's my way of forcing people to make September the official start of the Halloween season.

    And for that, I will now eat more candy corn.

  3. The Eaten Baby skeleton is quite superior.

  4. Christine: I saw the pics of your Xmas tree, and it was quite impressive! I can't believe that you guys don't do some Halloween decorating over at Paracinema Central! If you'd like, I can come over and bang out some tight spiderwebs for you guys!

    Emily: I love all of that shit...gets me all excited and giddy! I subscribe to the fact that Halloween begins at the end of August! The first true glimmer of store Halloween action comes at that time, so it counts...right?!

  5. Thanks Ashlee! I have had that one for a little while, and it is on point!

  6. There is no better picture to use as a centerpiece for Halloween decorating then a picture of yourself and BC! Very cool!

  7. Thanks Geof, that is very true! And it is one that is there all year round...of course!

  8. OFF TOPIC, Congratulations, you've been bit!!

  9. You bite so softly, Pax! You need some Baby Eating training! Thank you soooooooo much for the honor!

  10. i buy mrs. loaf these plug-in halloween decorations every year for her birthday. well, i just started 2 years ago, but i plan on continuing. they sell them at michaels

    we are slowly building a complete cheesily creepy landscape on the mantle with "bloody gauze" serving as the ground

    i didnt see the yankee candle things on their website. store only?

  11. Whoa - nice digs! I would definitely trick or treat at that house. Your new neighbors must be stoked to have you next door!

  12. Your front door looks fantastic! I love the string of leaves.

  13. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for leaving all of these wonderful comments!

    Loaf: Are you talking about those little mini-town type of decorations? If so, I love those things and always want to buy them, but I'm afraid I will spend too much money on them/more shit to store and find a place for!

    We got those from Yankee Candle last year and the year before I lady usually gets one for me every year, so they probably do not sell them any more. They have the best stuff at Yankee Candle though!

    Thanks Jeff! The place is certainly dope as hell! You are more than welcome to trick or treat at our place as long as you wear Owen's Spiderman costume!

    And thanks Ryne! I will add a little more to it as time goes, and I love those leaves also. I would like to find another set of darker leaves to mix into it, but that's just me being a decorating fiend!


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