Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Totally Tubular Trailers!

Hello my pretty little princesses! I got a couple of great little trailers to share with you all in this edition of Totally Tubular Trailers. I hope that you all see something that you have not yet seen, and hopefully your interest is piqued as was mine when I initially watched these trailers! Well, enough flirting...lets do this!

First up is a Thai film titled, Slice that once again brings together writer, Wisit Sasanatieng and director, Kongkiat Komesiri. Slice's story has been compared to Silence of the Lambs wherein after the murder of a government officials son, the police seek the help of an imprisoned former hit man turned informant to help them bring in a serial killer that has been mutilating the genitalia of the antagonist's male victims (YACK!). The hit man agrees to helps them, in return for his freedom of course, but there's a stiplulation - the hit man’s wife is also held hostage to ensure he does what he has promised, which is catch the murderer within a 15 day time frame. You will see some great visuals and nice looking and highly stylized color palates used in this trailer, along with a hefty dose of violence and some bloodshed. No English a be a spoken with this trailer, but as with any trailer I put up without subs or dubbing, it is well worth the watch.

Next up, and in holy crap...I can't wait for this one news, here is the teaser for Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. I would take an educated guess and say you already have figured out the subject matter of this upcoming documentary - of course, it covers the legacy of my favorite horror franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street! *Cue the cheers* Just in time for the Nightmare remake His Name Was Jason director, Daniel Farrands takes a "stab" at Freddy Kruger in this upcoming two disc DVD set (!!). I LOVE documentaries, and even more so when they are ones about movies...and even more so when they are covering movies as important to me as the Nightmare series. His Name Was Jason was... okay, but I really hope for much better when it comes to the man of our dreams, maybe something along the lines of the fantastic Halloween doc, 25 Years of Terror?! No release date yet on Never Sleep Again, but I would gamble that it will be out before the remake hits theaters, which is slated for April.

Our last trailer for this warm and snugly evening, belongs to yet another Thai film, the female driven action flick, Vanquisher. Vanquisher follows bad-ass female CIA agent, Genja (Sophita Sribanchean) as she becomes the victim of the very same agency that she works for, when they set her up to be assassinated. Of course you know that shit ain't gonna happen easily and this fine ass femme fatale is gonna put up one heck of a fight...all while looking fine as all hell! This trailer is filled with some of the most insane, over the top, nonstop action and it looks like it will deliver everything and anything you would want in an action film. It will be a while before we find out if it does deliver on the goods promised in this trailer, as Vanquisher opens it Thailand in November of this year, with no U.S. release date as of this time.

That about does it - hope you saw something you had not before, and even more so, I hope you enjoyed what you saw in my small collection of trailers this time around.


  1. Whoa, can't wait for that Elm Street doc! I just hope it's a little better than His Name Was Jason. That had its moments, definitely, but it wasn't as satisfying as the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary.

  2. I wonder if that's why the were following Heather around at Monster Mania. If so, I MAY be in the background ;-)
    That doc looks yay though!

  3. Heather L. is looking far from her Just the Ten Of Us days...

  4. I completely agree, Jeff. His Name Was Jason was cool, but in comparison to 25 Years of Terror, it stinks! Even mediocre horror docs get me all pumped and giddy either way, so I'll dig it no matter what!

    I do remember seeing a camera or two around in the guest room at M.M. Christine...I did get an autograph and photo with one John "Fuck Yeah!" Saxon, so maybe I'll be on there too! I saw a few of my buddies and myself on a Howard (Stern) TV special they filmed at Chiller one year! I was beyond pumped!

    I loved Just the Ten of Us! It was pretty cool that the little brother on that show was into horror movies and wore Nightmare shirts and shit like that! Also, that show was a spin off of Growing Pains, which Sid Haig appeared on once or twice...random knowledge king!


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