Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 Hot Zombie Award for Excellence in Horror Blogging!

Man, after a mention in Paracinema magazine, things just keep going in the direction of positive when it comes to Eating Babies...Chuck Norris style! Tonight I was informed that Chuck Norris Ate My Baby received another award - I received a bunch back when I started Eating Babies, and those moments were certainly proud ones, but to receive an award of this magnitude is epic to say the least. What is the award you ask? It's "The 2009 HOT ZOMBIE AWARDS: For Excellence in Horror Blogging!" and my award specifically was for the "Blog With the Catchiest Title, EVAH!" This was presented to me by one of the big dogs in horror blogging, Pax Romano over at the finest of the fine horror blogs, Billy Loves Stu! Thanks Pax, I am beyond excited to be recognized by someone as dope as yourself!

In return, I would like to explain the birth of the title Chuck Norris Ate My Baby in honor of receiving an award for that specific title...I was thinking about starting my own blog, but had no clue what to call it. It was pretty late, probably after work, so I would guess around one or two in the A.M. and I was eating a bowl of cereal when it came to me...“Chuck Norris Ate My Cereal!!” Not bad, I thought...then, in a flash of brilliance, and maybe because of a hunger for innocence, in my head popped, "Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!" I thought it was magical to be honest with you, and I guess my so-called brilliance has paid off as I have been recognized for it with this sick ass award!

Also in return, I would like to honor Pax with an award that may make him puke with is the honorary "Chuck Norris Black Belt of Blogging" award! this is an award that will be very difficult to accept as it holds power beyond all that is known by man, but I think Pax can handle that shit! Thanks Pax!


  1. Wow, and a reward in return? Thanks Matt. I will display it proudly.

  2. No problem! You can also wear it as a headband when hunting for humans next time you are on the run from the law!

  3. Haha! You are quite the rock star. Ironic Chuck Norris would eat babies, all the while being condemned to PAX TV.

    Congratulations once again!

  4. Thank you so much, Ashlee! I truly am honored and blessed that anyone even reads my crap, let alone gives me an award for any of it!

  5. True dat! I am honored to be included with a group of blogger's that are the true definition of the word, dope!


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