Monday, September 14, 2009

Giant Monster Mystery

I really loved Cloverfield, but what I liked even more than the film itself, was the brilliant viral marketing that went into the film before its release. Something about the mystery of it all just captivates me, brings out an almost - youthful sense of interest driven by imagination as to what the deal was with the movie. The Blair Witch Project had a very similar effect, but the difference with Cloverfield had the ability to cover more than just a section of woods and really cover an event that would impact the entire planet. That impact lead to some cool viral videos - like the Chaui Station meltdown in Japan, all of the news footage and home video stuff from subways and vacation videos, and even the foreign DVD release with the shot from the inside of and apartment with a cat hanging around when all of the sudden there are tons of explosions and then the apartment itself blows-up!

It's been a little over a year and a half since Cloverfield made its theatrical debut, and there seems to be some related viral rumblings in the past couple of weeks. There is this poster I have here in the "poster" spot, that is said to be fake, and it probably is, but if so, then it is still pretty rad. Then, what seems to be the first viral video came a few weeks back, but I am not sure if I buy into this one as being a "real" viral video or not. It looks convincing until the end when you see this weird shot of the monster, that just looks like a superimposed image from the end of the first film, and there is also a street sign that says Cloverfield on it too. I don't know...the videos from the first film had cheap CGI FX too, so I guess there is a possibility that this is a genuine viral video, and not a fan made one. Check it for yourself!

A little suspect? Maybe, but maybe those almost in your face signs are a way to get the marketing started and the Internet nerds like myself into a frenzy over any little thing that comes out afterwards. Just within the last day or so, this new video was released on You Tube, and while there is no real indication that it has anything to do with Cloverfield, that would lead me to believe that it totally has something to do with Cloverfield. As I said, the first video clearly is Cloverfield related, and if not a fan video, would make videos like this new one stand out as possible viral marketing...

The girl in the video is pretty, the kind of pretty to where I would think she is an actress of some sort, with some decent chops to boot. That may not be a grounds for believing this is real for some, but it works for me. Either way, I am very intrigued after seeing this second video, and now my radar is set to full geek in a hardcore way!

There hasn't been any "official" news of a sequel, but why would there be when all the fun is in the mystery? IMDB has absolutely nothing for Cloverfied 2, which is strange because they will usually have a listing for anything someone is tapped to do at some point under the "in development" section. I know Matt Reeves is doing Let Me In, but that is still in pre-production, so what has he been up to since then? You don't take a year plus off after a big hit like Cloverfield when you're new to the major motion picture game.

What does everyone else think about these videos? Real, fake, lame? Whatever the case may be, I would love to hear others thoughts on them and I wouldn't mind hearing thoughts on a sequel to Cloverfield in general while we're at it!


  1. At about the 26-27 second mark on the second video, you'll see an object fall from the sky and go behind the apartment building. Kind of like they did in the first film near the end.

  2. I did notice it...definitely something that you have seen in previous marketing videos. Stuff happening in the background, and I guess that would give it away as a Cloverfield related video too.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Totally intrigued by both of these. I watched them both twice and I'm going to watch then a few more times. I want to hang out wherever they shot the first one. They have a Pinkberry and dinosaur fountains!!
    I don't usually have my ear to the ground with viral stuff, so KEEP US POSTED!

  4. I would hate to let that strange obsession spill onto the blog, but I'm sure it will! It'll be tough not to get all crazy about it, as was the case with the first least I know what the monster looks like this time!

    And wouldn't it be even cooler if the Pinkberry came out of the dinosaur fountains?!?!

  5. Yeah I also liked the Cloverfield viral stuff. I even came up with my own theories which were fun to theorize about. The thing is the viral stuff never lives up to the hype and I ended up hating Cloverfield so much and cheered when all those hipsters died. Cloverfield 2 is probably going to end up as more of the same.

  6. It makes it a lot better if you like the movie for sure...and that whole viral marketing thing can almost build up too much hype to the point of inevitable disappointment for some. I do wish that a better special edition DVD had come out going over in detail some of the viral marketing ideas and strategies that they did for the film...I love that shit.

  7. I could see it going either way, regardless of whether they are real or not they are enough to get me interested again immediately. Loved the original and looking forward to the sequel!

  8. Me too! And it certainly got me all interested in Cloverfield again too...I would love if no news came out, and we learned about the movie the same way we did the first film, which was at the theater and in the form of a cryptic trailer. No announcements, just attach the trailer to the biggest cool movie possible, and let that shit ride out!


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