Friday, September 25, 2009

This Baby Ate Chuck Norris!

Somewhere, Chuck Norris is salivating...

...I might need a to go container.


  1. As if I wasn't already scared of motherhood. My girlie parts hurt just looking at that massive kid. I like how hey put him next to the normal sized baby for scale.

    Love the new banner by the way LOL!


  3. I feel bad for the husband. Her va jay jay will never be the same.

  4. Thanks, Jeanette! I'm surprised they didn't just draw a mustache on his face to show how big he is! And my lady friend said the exact same thing about having kids...after seeing that beast, she is very afraid, and rightfully so!

    Ha ha! Well said, Loaf...well said!

    POT: I know! Talk about feeling insecure...It's like trowing a hot dog down a hallway now!

  5. That baby is like Turducken, a baby inside a baby


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