Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House of Wax

As the summer heat beats intensely pounding fiercely on my back, I hope and pray that the season will soon end – it's as simple as that. While darkness and chill slowly fill the air, I stroll up the walkway - with a bit less despair. The cold breeze is strong and digs deep inside my lung, I then soon realize that the time has nearly come. With each little step I take I have absolutely no clue, just what waits for me up ahead - oh whoopee doo. I reach inside a box of gold plated metal, but did not find bills, junk nor my Netflix copy of Barbra Streisand's Yentl. Instead I felt the full color pages of something great, something grand, something I find impossible to hate. All my humid summer woes were suddenly fast forgot, as I quickly entered my darkened home – without even the slightest of thought. The time has finally come and it's nearly too exciting for me to handle, as I opened up the 2010 Halloween edition of - Yankee Candle.      



  1. omg! lol! <3 genius

  2. Love this post, God I miss Halloween! It's amazing that the Italians don't celebrate in some way because they have so many supernatural superstitions. The other day I toasted glasses with a girl at a dinner, I had wine and she had water in her glass. Everyone stopped talking and stared at me. Then someone explained that I had just brought bad luck to everyone at the party for doing that. I said sorry but I don't think it helped. Italian party foul.

  3. Freaking sweet!

    I'm so glad that they're bringing back this collection. Last year, I got one as my first purchase of the Halloween season... in September, ha! Looks as though they're adding some new characters this year, too.

  4. Christine: Oh stop it, you!

    Cursed: HA, that has to suck having everyone stare at you because you cursed them! Should have just done it again and scared everyone away! However, worse than a curse is not having any Halloween, and it is too bad that something similar isn't celebrated out there. I guess it's a sacrifice of living in an awesome country.

    Strange: There are some great little additions, and I always love what they do for the holiday as well as fall in general. My girl has bought something for me for the last few years, so I have a some really cool things already. I do plan on getting a couple of things in the next week or two, there are some good deals on the non-candle stuff.

  5. Fail. I had a similar experience. Got an unexpected DVD-shaped package in the mail this week. Heart raced. "Did I buys omething I didnt remember?" Napes. Wife got a custom mousepad. ULtimate fail.


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