Sunday, August 1, 2010

90 Days Till Halloween-Halloween-Halloween


It's August 1st, which means that Halloween is slowly but surely creeping up on us. Soon enough, the grocery stores will start carrying black and orange decorated boxes filled with candy – shelves will empty to make room for the familiar seasonal Halloween gear we all have come to know and love -  and I will be salivating during every second of it. For me personally, August is like Halloween's pre-season, with September pretty much being Halloween for me. As the air becomes slightly colder and the sunny days are replaced by an ominous overcast sky, my smile will simply get bigger in anticipation for Halloween.

Getting in the proper spirit, as you may have noticed, I already have the countdown clock added to the blog, and I will be brain storming exactly what I will be doing here at CNAMB for the much anticipated return of CHUCKTOBER!!! More than likely everything will be focused on horror films and nothing else, but I would like to come up with something different outside of movie reviews and horror-centric Dance Parties and Hangovers. Either way, I am pumped for the first signs of Halloween, and I hope you feel the same way. To get you all in the Halloween mood, I have one of my favorite videos that I have ever posted for you all to enjoy.


  1. Yay! I've been giddy for Halloween since the beginning of July. 4th of July is generally when I start catching the Halloween bug.

    I've been to a few stores that are already carrying some Halloween items, and can't wait to see orange and black pop up more and more as we get closer to our fave holiday! I've even started writing posts for my first annual "31 Days of Halloween" I'm so excited!

    Wheeeeeeee! Can't wait! :)

  2. Re: your video link. You know our culture is rapidly decaying when mimes have to take side jobs to pay the bills.

    Halloween is my favorite time of year. Have even done animatronic effects in the yard. The only downside is PPD (Post Pumpkin Depression). Looking forward to your guidance through the month.

  3. Let the pre-celebratory festivities begin. :)

  4. I'm excited and feel the same way.

  5. the sad thing, the year is almost over... i just started getting writing 2010 right. happy about halloween...

  6. I'm sorry. I couldn't read your article because that picture burned my retinas.

  7. That video is Halloween-tastic. It gets bonus points for not only having killa rhymes, but for the narrator at the beginning who pulls off a fabulous Alan Cumming!

  8. Vegan: Ha, I catch the bug in July also, but try to keep it at bay until August to keep some composure. You know I have Halloween on the mind when I start listening to Midnight Syndicate in my car wherever I go!

    I haven't seen any sings of Halloween in stores yet, but I know they will be coming any time now!

    Domacles: Spittin' rhymes to make ends meet...

    I actually love the build up to Halloween more than the day itself, mostly because it's all over after the 31st, so I feel you with the PPD. I would love to see what you do with your yard though...I simply love it when people go all out!

    Strange Kid & Indiephantom: I'm ready for some apple cider and decoration shopping! Such a fun time!

    iZombie: Yeah, the next few months are gonna fly by, then it will be time for Christmas and only a year before the Apocolypse!

    Simon: Hehe...that was the photo I used as my banner during Halloween last year. Guess it's a good thing I am not going with that ibne again?

    Joe: I watch that video all the time! I love when the dude is rapping from his shower and blocking repeated stabbing attempts! GOLD!

  9. Thanks for putting that image of a fat man's ass painted like a pumpkin in my mid right before I go to sleep. Really appreciate it, buddy! I owe you one. Gotta go...the curling is hot and ready for me to burn out my eyes.

  10. How'd ya like to carve that pumpkin?! Ha!


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