Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers

I have had all of these trailers just sitting her collecting dust for some time, which is quite shameful, because they certainly need to be shared with you all. Old-ish or not, chances are you might have missed them, so hopefully they are new to you, which is all that matters.


I'll start us out with the trailer for Verbo, a Spanish horror/adventure film directed by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson. Verbo is about a young girl (Alba Garcia) that goes on a quest to find herself and to understand the meaning of the world that surrounds her, even if it means many dangers will be faced. I really dig the vibe of this trailer, and I'm always down for a dark fantasy/adventure film. Garcia appears to have a good look to play a character that is driven by inquisitiveness and innocence and that may be one of the big factors for this film's success. 




Man, it doesn't get any more exciting than the most recent trailer for Kim Ji-Woon’s I Saw the Devil. The first trailer for this one showed up on a previous 3T (that's hip-hop slang for Totally Tubular Trailers…kind of like KFC) and this one only adds to my anticipation for what promises to be one of the year's best. I Saw the Devil pits a psychopathic serial killer (played by Choi Min-shik) up against as a special agent (Lee Byung-hun) whose fiancée becomes one of the killers unfortunate victims. With the tag team of these two great actors and one of the best directors working, this film is sure to be incredible. If you aren't sure for yourself, check out the trailer.



Next up is the upcoming documentary titled, The Splat Pack, which should kind of be self explanatory. It focuses on the new wave of directors that made a huge splash on the horror genre in the early 2000's with movies that brought gruesome life back to a mostly stale genre. I love me a film focused documentary and even if it seems a little soon for a retrospective, It is nice to put some perspective on the most recent era of horror cinema (even if it's still somewhat going on). The interview line-up is tight, and I can only guess there will be some very interesting anecdotes to be shared with us horror fans. 




Coming to us from Germany, our last trailer for the day is for the Post-Apocalyptic Martial Arts film Straight Blast. The movie is a production in the works and - in true grassroots fashion - is being shot as the money comes in to fund this incredibly ambitious project. Written and directed by Ulrik Bruchholz, with collaborator Mike Möller doing the fight choreography, Straight Blast looks straight dope with fight scenes that appear to be quite promising and a quirky style with heavy influence from Apocalyptic cinema of the 80's. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one and you have got to check out the trailer as it is quite the doozy indeed. You will be impressed by time it's all over.


  1. well played sir. I like your eye.

  2. "Verbo" looks very interesting and I'll definitely be looking forward to "I Saw the Devil", especially since it stars that dude from "Oldboy". Can't say I'm particularly interested in that docu, though.

  3. Zach: The brown one?! I bleach it once a month! Sorry. Glad you dug the trailers!

    Simon: Word to that!

    Atrox: I'm definitely most excited about I Saw the Devil and it has the most promise with the people involved.
    As for The Splat Pack, it will certainly only appeal to fans of those types of films, which I am for the most part.

  4. Matt, have you seen the trailer for CATFISH yet? You should check it out. I can't tell if it's a legit documentary or not because I don't know much about it and the trailer is very vague as far as what it's about, but I have to say that it's got me very intrigued. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one. Holla!

  5. I SAW THE DEVIL is shaping up to be a friggin fantastic film, hadnt seen this newest trailer dude

  6. Aaron: I did and was kind of mad that I did after reading about it. It is a film that knowing nothing about where it goes is the best way to watch it, but how can you market the film without alluding as to what may happen? Whatever, I too am intrigued and hope it makes its way out soon and doesn't sit in limbo like so many films like Catfish do.

    Carl: It really is and I am excited for ti by default, but the new trailer is simply awesome. Love that moment when they are in the greenhouse.


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