Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Babble: Watching Bloody Movies On A New TV


About a week or two ago, I wrote a review for Blood Sucking Freaks for BThroughZ, but being all busy (or lazy) and shit, I was sending it in on the deadline. In what may be the craziest of coincidences, Jamie - the man behind BThroughZ - emailed me right back to inform me that another person had already submitted a review for the same damn film! So going into scramble mode, I watched and whipped up a review for the 80's Slasher film Bloody Movie (aka Terror Night), which can be found over in the July issue of BThroughZ. It turned out to be a good thing in hindsight as Bloody Movie made for a fun review, and now I have the epic Blood Sucking Freaks leftovers that I can post here at some point. So we all win, but make sure to head over and check out my review of Bloody Movie, as well as all the other gory goodies in the latest issue of BThroughZ.





Nearly two months ago, the living room TV shit the bed big time, something that is sort of a nightmare for a cinephile. Luckily, when I picked up the TV I had also bought the extended warranty (which was due to end in two months!), so I went about trying to get it fixed. Dude came to the house - didn't have the part. Got the part - broken part wasn't the only problem and had to take the TV to the shop. Waited for a long ass time. Waited even more. Had an 18' TV sitting on an old end table in the middle of my living room with wires all stretched across the floor. Found out the TV would cost $900 dollars to repair. Waited some more. Got confirmation that we would get a new TV (!). Waited for their offer - got the offer - got the TV. Finally.

So, the TV I owned was five years old…it was a solid TV at the time I had bought it (Samsung 42' DLP things and things), was capable of 1080p (though it never seemed to get past 1080i) and had a nice picture in High Def, but it was five years old. The warranty contract stated that my replacement TV might not be the same brand, but had to be comparable quality wise to my previous brand and have the same specs. In what may be the coolest thing that could happen in this nearly two month long horrific situation, we got a brand new TV, an LG 42' 1080p black flat screen with 120 hz and all that shit. The TV looks AMAZING and so much better than the TV we already had, and to top it off, it was FREE! Well, not free, but when I look at it, I see what is a brand new TV I bought five years ago, so I win so hard. About time.  



  1. Congrats on the um, freeness. May it bring you much pleasure. I would easily say the best decision I ever made on Valentine's Day was buying myself a big screen. I wish you much happiness and very little squinting.

  2. I remember when you were shopping around for one...it really does make a world of difference when the upgrade is made. I can't believe just how nice the picture is on the new TV compared to the old one, which was a great TV when I bought it. It just shows you how fast the technology advances, but at least I don't have to think about a new TV for a few more years!

  3. TV = HANDLED, I have never heard such a sweet warranty payoff Matt, Ima go in and put a golf club through my 720 and see if they will upgrade my ass too =D

  4. I know, as it was all happening, I was looking around online and reading some horror stories about warranties and thought I would have to get all serious with someone! It turned out to be pretty awesome and the picture quality is CRAZY!


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