Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Guest Post From A Strange Kid


I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to direct you to a little piece I wrote over at Strange Kid's Club. It's a look at The Contraption, a fantastic short horror film that came out in the late 70's and made more than a few appearances on the one time cable horror giant, the USA Network. So make sure you stop by and check out the short as well as my thoughts on it, you won't be disappointed. And I definitely want to thank the brains behind the Kid's Club, Rondal, for having me spew some of my useless ramblings on his site. UPDATE!!! Strange Kid’s Club is no more (which is sad) so enjoy this review right here in this very blog by clicking THIS LINK!!


On an even quicker side note, if for some awful reason you did not read my review of Moon, it was just recently republished over at the Movie Fan Fare sub-site of Movies Unlimited. So that's pretty cool.

Okay, that's it. 


  1. This is completely unrelated to your post [i'm not sure how else to contact you], but I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for your dedication to this fantastic blog. Especially the Totally Tubular Trailers. I finally had a chance to catch Burning Bright last night, a film I would have otherwise missed out on if it wasn't for your posting the trailer a while back.

    Hardly the first time you've turned me on [uh, yeah] to a really good film. And I'm sure it won't be the last.

  2. Are you giving me bedroom eyes you sass?!

    Thank you so much for that thanks...truly means a lot and certainly makes me happy that I can make someone happy with what I do here.

    I take it you enjoyed Burning Bright? I actually haven't seen it yet and didn't even know it was coming to DVD until a few weeks ago when I saw the "coming soon" at a Redbox. I was really hoping for a theatrical release, but oh well, at least I can see it for myself now!

    Thanks again, and I need to put my email on the page somewhere. In fact, I'll do it right now! For the record, it's chucknorrisatemybaby (@) gmail (.) com.


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