Friday, August 27, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: NEEEEEERDS! Edition!


I think most men (and some women) within my age range (late teens-to-early twenties) grew up huge fans of Revenge of the Nerds. I used to watch the first two films like it was going out of style, and much of the appeal to a young male such as myself was definitely the T&A and the toilet humor. What more does one need. Actually, there is something that is needed when enjoying a juvenile comedy with a heart of gold, and that's a musical number!   

Now, I haven't seen any of the Nerd films in a long time, but if I remember correctly, it is this performance that wins the nerd crew the talent show portion of some contest they had where they faced off against the oppressive jocks. This is the performance that won them their freedom.

The first thing I notice when watching this clip, is how funny Poindexter is. Seriously, he is definitely the dork of the group, so nerdy that he can't even make spiky hair and an electronic violin seem cool. Even if any girls were to actually get wet from seeing this epic nerd performance, I bet they all passed by Poindexter for Booger. His hip motions weren't helping his case any either. Still, nowadays he might be able to pass himself off as a hipster, so maybe P-Dex was really just ahead of his time.

Of course, how can I talk about this off the chain performance without bringing up the true star of the show, which comes in the form of hip-hop legend, Lamar Latrell. Dude breaks it down with style and deserves some credit for the flavor he brings to this other wise nerd-centric stage show. He also deserves some cred for being as gay as he was and not hanging around with a better looking group of cats. Maybe he did so just so he could be the one with the most styles perhaps. It's kind of like the pretty girl that hangs with a bunch of busted looking chicks, just so she can be the prettiest.

Anyway, this is a classic scene that simply bleeds 80's cheese, and it is definitely quite entertaining seeing it again, especially because I probably thought it was cool at some point.


  1. I totally just youtubed this last night. I should have known CNAMB had me covered. My bad.

    I love how Poindexter was the bearded Field of Dreams guy just five years later. That's versatility!

  2. He was on that show Thirtysomething (with beard) too, but I hated that show when I was a kid. Still, so crazy that it is the same dude!

  3. I was totally expecting/hoping for 'Are You Ready for The Sex Girls' instead. :\ Damn.

  4. Astro: Sorry, man...I totally forgot about that song but the video for it is quite fantastic!

    Zombie: Aren't we all...

    Emily: I love Entourage but Connelly does seem like he would be a super tool in real life. All short and cocky. And I cannot believe you went to school with Wormser...he has the dope moonwalk move!

  5. Well I didn't actually go to school WITH him since he's 10 years my senior, but I like to think we might have had the same chemistry teacher or something. Connelly had a class or two with my older sister, was apparently nice although supposedly he now comes back to some bars out in my home town and is a jerk. Who knows the truth.

  6. Back when VCRs were too expensive to buy and had to rent for a weekend, this was watched over and over again and can be quoted verbatim by my family and I. It's fun now that my younger teenage nephews are now starting to get in on the act. Much love for the Nerds.

  7. Thanks for the comment!

    Yeah man, Nerds is the perfect movie for a young teen in that it's raunchy and crude, but not overly raunchy and crude. Revenge of the Nerds and the early Police Academy films are perfect examples of '80s comedies that can play to guys young and old.


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