Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Horror Hangover

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After that ridiculously off the chain birthday celebration this weekend, I know I am hurting worse than the box office performance of Knight And Day (seriously, how could THAT movie not have been a mega-success?). Now, while this week's Hangover is a bit on the light side, the quality is so absolute that I simply had to share the goodies that are on this Sunday afternoon.

sunshine SyFy, for the second week in a row, drops the non-mutated monster animals gone awry act and really brings the pain with a double dose of movies that are sure to stimulate your throbbing noggin. Even if your day is a bit gloomy, I foresee the clouds parting to make way for some Sunshine at 11:00. I have seen Sunshine but only once and really enjoyed how completely gorgeous it looked as well as the interesting story, but in the last 20 or so minutes, things go in an unflattering direction. I would love to see it again, however, and I have no issue with recommending it to you, Mr./Ms. sleepy head.

childrenofmen The good times continue to roll when SyFy puts on a pair of flip-flops and goes on an epic journey with Children of Men at 1:00. This film just recently came up in that meme I did a few days ago, as well as my best of the decade list, so you already know how I feel about Children of Men, but if YOU haven't seen it, or haven't seen it twice, now is the time. Actually, don't even watch it on SyFy, you can buy one of the greatest films ever made at Wal-Mart for a measly $5 bucks and view it without any of the interruptions trying to get you to buy shit. You have no excuse.

Away from SyFy we go for our last film of the day, so follow me as we head over to TNT for some over-the-top evil with The Devil's Advocate at 12:00. I love The Devils Advocate and have seen it G-228  Max (Russell Crowe) enjoys the company of his supposed long-lost cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.numerous times and even own the movie poster. It's in my closet, but I do own it. I like it because it's very different from most horror films and as outrageous as he is in the movie, Al Pacino is super fun to watch. The smile he delivers to Neo when they're at dinner and some random hot chick just ducks under the table for a hot dog desert is simply priceless.

As I said, it is a short Hangover, but one that would perfectly fit the definition of short but sweet. Enjoy your Sunday, kiddies.


  1. I thought The Devil's Advocate was pretty clever even in its formulaic rendition of the devil. Didn't hate it...

    You know, I have yet to purchase Children of Men? It's a very shameful confession and I actually did look for it for a good price this weekend to no avail.

    Newbury Comics, you failed me! I wish I knew the Jedi choke hold...

  2. You really can't go wrong for a five spot. I just recently re-bought it because I had given my copy to someone I knew would appreciate it. On a side note, I miss Newbury Comics so much!

  3. My roommate and I happened to turn on Syfy today during the really long (and most excellent) take in the blown out apartment building. That shit is intense, everyone must watch Children of Men.

  4. I couldn't agree more. That entire ending is so incredible to watch.


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