Monday, June 18, 2012

Linnea Quigley Played Kuato in Total Recall?!


So I was watching the "Imagining Total Recall" documentary from the awesome Mars shaped Total Recall Special Limited Edition DVD recently, when about 20 minutes into the featurette I noticed a certain famous Scream Queen playing puppeteer to one Mr. gross himself, Kuato. 

Linnea Quigly Total Recall

That fine piece of blond is indeed Linnea Quigley (or it sure as hell looks A LOT like her), who somehow is able to be the only person in this screen grab to seem as if she's in a sexual position, but I suppose that's just how she works it. I mean, she is Linnea Quigley and all. I think.

Anyway, if you want to see the video for yourself, I actually found Imagining Total Recall on You Tube, but because nothing can ever be convenient, I am not able to embed the video itself. However, the following link is set to start a few moments before Quigley is briefly shown. And when I say briefly, I mean it's about a second long. So don't blink.

Now, while this discovery is quite awesome (to me, at least), I have absolutely no idea why Quigley would have ever been in a position to actually work the Kuato puppet. There's absolutely nothing that I can find online connecting her to the film or Rob Bottin (who did the FX work on Total Recall) in any way whatsoever, and I don't see any of her films from that time having effects work done by Bottin's studio. The only connection I can make is Quigley was married to the great Steve Johnson at this time, and both Bottin and Johnson apprenticed under Rick Baker together before they became successful on their own. So who knows… maybe it was a set visit or something, but I still think it's sort of strange that I can't find anything about Quigley working the famous Kuato puppet. I mean, you would think that would be a story told by Quigley at some point or at least someone before me would have noticed her in the video. Either way, it's pretty awesome that Linnea Quigley may have had a small part in bringing one of cinema's ugliest characters to life, and I hope to one day find the truth. Unless I forget, which is likely.


  1. She's also one of the face coming out of Freddy's stomach in NOES4, I think because Johnson worked on that effect.

  2. I remember seeing that on either This is Horror or Shadow Theater when I was a kid... she is the one whose boobs you can see through Freddy's skin, naturally! 

  3. Well, according to her official website ( her email address is, so you could just ask her. 

    Then offer to help build her a new website, because that thing is whack. 

  4. You know what, I actually looked for her website with that thought in mind, Joe, but all I kept finding was bunk websites, and a good number of them, too. I never found the one you sent me, though, so thanks for sharing it. I will try to email and get to the bottom of this! 

  5. Wow. She REALLY is in a sexual position there!

  6. She is totally stealing the show, that's for sure!


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