Monday, November 1, 2010

The Party's Over


Well, for this year that is. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween out there in the internet. I had one of the better ones I've had in quite some time. Last year was a bit of a bust, but this year I got my fill of tricks and treats to make me more than happy. There wasn't much to do in terms of haunted house and things of that nature, unfortunately, but as opposed to last year, we did make it to a pretty great haunted trail which proved to be a good time. It doesn't take much to make me happy when it comes to that kind of stuff to be honest.

trickortreatSomething else we missed out on last year was trick or treating, due to the fact that they did it on a day that wasn't Halloween (like seriously?). This year they thankfully did, and we were ready with candy treats for the massive amount of kids that came by our place. We must have had like 50 some odd ghouls and ghouletts come by, and there is nothing better than seeing their reaction to my special doormat that makes spooky sounds when stepped on. Shit was priceless. Even if they were trick or treating in the day time, it still was a wonderful sight to see so many kids out there doing their thing. It certainly was a highlight of my day.

This also turned out to be a year where I actually came up with a costume, something I usually put off until the last minute, in which I end up just throwing some latex on my face making myself into a quick, but always decent looking, zombie, or wearing my Michael Myers' jumpsuit with a creepy rapist mask of some sort. This year as my main squeeze and I were trying to come up with ideas while at the costume shop, we stumbled upon a wig that basically made our decision as to what we would go as this year.


Yeah, we started off as Slash and Axl but, by the end of the evening, turned into drunk and hammered, which is kind of fitting. It happens, especially when you're barhopping on a school bus filled with forty or so party animals. It led to a supremely hungover Halloween day, but it was totally worth it.

What really topped the Halloween season off was certainly the series premier of The Walking Dead. I mean, wow. Much better than I could have hoped for, and outside of some CGI blood (which I can certainly overlook in the big scheme), the show is off to a wonderful start, and I cannot believe the amazing zombie make-up (but I guess can with Nicotero involved), as well as the amount of violence that is shown. Kudos is in order for AMC and everyone involved, and I can only imagine how great this show will be as we become immersed in the lives of the characters surviving the apocalypse. A fucking plus.   


With Halloween passing on by comes the end of Chucktober. It was a busy but fun month here at CNAMB and as it turns out, it was the busiest month by far the blog has ever seen as far as traffic goes, so that is very awesome that people were stopping by and checking out the crap I have to say. It'll be nice to be able to get back to something a little more normal, and I do have a handful of films that I wanted to review for this month that I simply just didn't have time to in October. Now I can finally get to them before my memory fades as to what I liked or disliked about them. I will try and hit up a few different genres, especially after being all horror all the time, I need to break things up a bit.

So yeah, this has turned out to be a solid season of the witch, and I hope the same went for all of you out there. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and made Chucktober a part of their day, and now I'm off to start putting away the decorations until next year.


  1. Your costumes are boss! I'm glad you enjoyed The Walking Dead! I've only heard good things.

  2. So I suppose all the trick or treaters moved to Ohio? Glad you had a blast! And now, I excitedly welcome Chukember. Novechuck. ThanksChucking....

    Man, nothing has that same ring eh?

  3. The Walking Dead was so damn awesome.

  4. Great costumes, Matt. There were some places near me that weren't doing Halloween on Sunday for religious reasons and there were other places that did. I missed the AMC series, though.

  5. Christine: Thanks! Hopefully you guys will be able to catch up with it soon enough...I think it has a great chance to be an amazing series!

    Emily: Ha, I just told my girlfriend the other day that Halloween isn't over yet and this month is now known as Chuckvember!

    Simon: It certainly was. Can't wait to catch up with it every week!

    Venom: Much appreciated! I actually live in a very religious area, but they did d it on Sunday, which is nice. Not sure why they do it on other days other years, though. I think last year Halloween was on a Saturday and they did trick or treating the week before?!

  6. Lookin good in those costumes! Glad you actually had some trick r treaters this year. And I watched The Walking Dead too, but I kind of felt "meh" over the whole thing.

  7. Glad you guys had a cool Halloween. That's a sick amount of trick or treaters! Our doorbell rang, like, once. Which we ignored, of course.

  8. Ha, love the costumes--reminds me of my cousin (who's also named Matt, oddly enough)and his costume this year, which was Bret Michaels :) I had to work this year on Halloween, but I did get home in time to watch The Walking Dead which I really dug. Hopefully the rest of this season's episodes are as good.

  9. Becky: Thanks! This was the first time in a long time that we had trick or treaters, but I chalk that up to a different area than where we used to live.

    While I loved the first episode of TWD, I usually find the first few episodes of most TV series to be sketchy and things don't usually get going good until you start knowing the characters a little better. We'll see how things pan out, but I also never read the books either.

    Jeff: Back when we were still out there, we had less and less every year, until the last couple of years where it was like one or two groups of kids, if even that. Pretty sad.

    Dorian: Thanks, man! Funny enough, we took a group photo with some random dude dressed up as Bret Michaels and another dressed up as Tommy Lee!

  10. Those costumes are badass Matty but I was hoping that you somehow got your hands on the Village People costume and went as that. My Halloween was spent with a theater horror movie marathon: PA2 and Saw 3D, followed by The Walking Dead. Much better than I thought it was going to be and left off on an amazing cliffhanger. I'm totally all-in on the show at this point. Happy belated Halloween, brutha!

  11. I was, of course, wearing my VP costume underneath the Axl one! That's about as good a Halloween as one could have, Geof, and a two horror movie in the theater day is the way to go! Good to hear you had a great Halloween!

  12. Dude I cant believe you had that many trick r treaters, we saw MAYBE 20 on the street the entire night in the nicer neighborhoods, and I got two less than 0. Awesome costumes, that is hilarious lol..

  13. Ha, thanks! We definitely live in the right area for trick or treaters, but that seems to be pretty rare all over the place now. It's pretty sad.


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